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Title: cod liver oil
Post by: shelleyvanwyk on March 27, 2019, 03:26:14 PM
I have been taking Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil for a few years now, and have seen and felt great improvements from this, especially during my pregnancies. Both of my little guys take it now too. I recently came across a conflicting article regarding Green Pastures and a study by Kaayla Daniel that was done, however, many friends and colleagues take and love this brand like I do.

I am curious if anyone is familiar with Rositas (as suggested by Chris Kresser in this article: or another brand I've heard good things about is Any other recommendations on cod liver oil?
Title: Re: cod liver oil
Post by: Laura Knoff on April 04, 2019, 05:44:57 PM
I would  note that Ms Daniel practices in Arizona where temperatures can contribute to rapid oxidation of the FCLO. This would result in much greater needs for antioxidants and negative effects when these are inadequate. Those who have good antioxidant reserves would not feel negative symptoms. Additional issues with fermented cod liver oil (FCLO)  may be due to how some people are very sensitive to  fermented foods because of a genetic variation in their DAO gene.  I have used both Green Pastures FCLO and Rosita's and find both to be good products for me, but not for everyone. Both are available at Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley.   
Addressing Omega 3 Innovations: Fish oil is not the same as cod liver oil, and not all cod liver oil contains the fat soluble vitamins they traditionally contain in balance. Usually a company will remove the fishy flavor compounds from the CLO. Unfortunately vitamins are also removed in that process. Some companies add some vitamin D back, but the vitamin balance is lost. Some people need both CLO and fish oil to get enough omega 3 fatty acids without overloading on vitamns A, D3, and K2. We need to be aware that everyone is different and make recommendations accordingly.
Title: Re: cod liver oil
Post by: shelleyvanwyk on April 04, 2019, 09:03:55 PM
Thank you, Laura. This is really helpful feedback and I appreciate the time you took to post.