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Title: General: Fatigue / Specific: Mold related diseases
Post by: abigailclark on June 04, 2019, 01:33:05 PM
Hello all,
Curious about what sort or food timing and specific combination diets some of you may have found effective in regulating natural energy? After getting mold poisoning a few years ago I've struggled significantly with energy regulation and chronic fatigue, I have not seen a nutritionist yet but went to a naturopath who prescribed me some herbs such as fenugreek and yellow dock to support my bronchial system and eliminate metals from my intestines, but the long term nervous system (?) effects still seem predominant, and so I'm also wondering if anyone else with nutrition knowledge has experienced something like this and has found anything to be helpful with immune support specifically against mold and unfortunate fungus growing inside us?
very curious!
Title: Re: General: Fatigue / Specific: Mold related diseases
Post by: Laura Knoff on July 03, 2019, 10:24:19 AM
Sound like you may want to focus on boosting your immune system and adrenals (which also regulates immunity). I would recommend that you see a nutritionist so they can evaluate your diet and life style habits in detail. Meanwhile start with getting 8+ hours of sleep in the dark, along with skilled relaxation 20 minutes twice per day.  Avoiding toxins generally will help your liver, which will boost energy and help lift brain fog. Some of the protocols that are recommended for candida will also help those with mold related issues. If you can space your meals 4-5 hour apart it will allow the digestive system to rest and repair. Check your stomach acid to allow good protein digestion to provide the resources for nervous system balance and repair. It takes time to heal so be patient and consistent.