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Title: a little troubled
Post by: zegota on September 18, 2007, 08:31:01 PM
hi. i've been thinking about taking the natural chef program for about five months. i graduated from high school last june and am currently taking a few classes at a community college. i still really want to take the program because i've always loved cooking and this is the closest thing to a vegan school that i've found. i was wondering if many vegans take this program and enjoy it? also, i like eating healthy food but that really isn't my passion. i guess you could say i'm a ethical vegan who sometimes reeps the benefits of healthy food. i just like cooking vegan food, i like it more than anthropology, ecology and photography (the three classes i'm taking.) thanks!
Title: Re: a little troubled
Post by: Marlina E on September 20, 2007, 03:01:25 PM
Hi Zegota,

Thanks for the question. 

The Natural Chef Training program follows the Bauman College Eating for Health Model.  Although our curriculum is largely plant based, our program is not vegan.  Each week, one animal protein recipe (quality fish or poultry) is prepared as part of the Eating for Health menu along with a grain, legume, vegetables and salad. Dairy products may be used occasionally. Additionally, we offer one class specific to preparing poultry and one class specific to preparing fish throughout the duration of the course.   For animal protein recipes, there is a vegan alternative selection.

We respect an individual's choice to avoid animal products. One may take part in whatever capacity they feel comfortable with.  On a weekly basis, a vegan can participate solely in the preparation of non-animal related products.  We have had many vegetarians and vegans successfully complete the program.  The only vegan that this program would not be appropriate for is one that cannot be in the vicinity of animal products.

Our program is aimed to prepare all chefs to cook a wide variety of whole, organic foods. A vegan or vegetarian chef who attends Bauman College will broaden their repertoire of recipes and sharpen their culinary skills to better serve their future clients and community.