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Title: Wild Alaskan Salmon for Sale!
Post by: buywildsalmon on December 06, 2010, 05:23:40 PM
I am an Alaskan fisherman with beautiful organic sockeye salmon right from the waters of Bristol Bay, AK.  These fish were caught in July this past summer and have been flash frozen and professionally deboned. Sockeye salmon are rich in Omega 3's and fatty acids. Each fillet is individually frozen and weighed to ensure the best tasting fish ever. Bristol Bay is one of the last natural, substanable fisheries in the world with little too no mercury deposits. Enjoy the holidays with wild salmon this year.

$15.00 per pound by the fillet. Each fillet weighs an average 1.5 lbs.
$13.50 per pound by the box.  Each box weighs 22.05 lbs.  =  $297.68 per box
There are about 15 fillets in each box.

I will deliver on the weekends where ever is conveniant to you.
Please contact my by phone 303 579 5171 or email
I would love to answer any questions you have.

Cody Russell