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Title: Supplement Brand Recommendation?
Post by: caryndilks on May 22, 2019, 04:51:15 PM
I would like to start taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, as well as, fish oil (1,000mg EPA + DHA) and a Green tea extract but I am not sure what brands are high-quality. Any recommendations?

I currently take a Vit. D supplement but would be interested to hear about which brands are recommended for that as well. 
Title: Re: Supplement Brand Recommendation?
Post by: jyotisuntha on May 24, 2019, 07:21:47 PM
hi Caryn,
  Here in India for these kind of supplement I trust AMWAY nutrilite brand 
Title: Re: Supplement Brand Recommendation?
Post by: erinlong on May 26, 2019, 05:20:52 PM
Hi Caryn,

Without getting into the specifics of your personal medical history, some things to look out for when purchasing supplements, as they relate to your particular requests are:
1) Choose a multivitamin/multimineral with methylated B vitamins, as they are easier to utilize by the body, particularly in cases of MTHFR genetic mutations. Practitioner lines often offer this (Pure Encapsulations, Designs for Health, as well as brands that you can buy without a practitioner license: MegaFood.
2) Choose a fish oil from either cod liver (for the additional vitamin A & D benefits) or from small fish, lower on the food chain (anchovy, sardine, mackerel). Often, fish oil companies use a number of processes to remove heavy metals and contaminants, including molecular distillation which can subject the oils to higher heat (obviously not ideal for delicate omegas, but no one wants to consume heavy metals if they can avoid it). The liquids will offer more "bang for your buck" as you can only fit so much into a soft-gel and require the digestive energy to break down the softgel. I use the Nordic Naturals brand of fish oil myself. I like that their products are in the natural triglyceride forms, as opposed to ethyl ester, which many companies use to pump up the EPA and DHA levels. My daughter currently takes Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil.
3) You can always include green tea or organic matcha tea as part of your daily routine. If you want to standardize the antioxidants into a pill, ECGC from Now Brand is a nice one.
4) If you've had a blood test to determine your vitamin D levels, that would be optimal in terms of getting an idea what your daily dosage might need to look like to reach optimum levels, but I would also recommend looking into a product that includes Vitamin K-2, as the vitamin K-2 will move the calcium that Vitamin D brings into the blood, to your bones, so it doesn't lodge in soft tissue, potentially calcifying arteries. I currently take the Dr. Mercola Vitamin D-3/K-2 blend and, depending on how much of each nutrient you need, there are a few other "over the counter" brands that make them, including: Life Extension, Now Brand, and Solaray.

Title: Re: Supplement Brand Recommendation?
Post by: caryndilks on May 26, 2019, 06:21:35 PM
Hi Erin,
Thank you so much for your valuable insight. Vitamins are one area where I generally feel really overwhelmed by all the choices and which vitamins are actually necessary to take. I was taking Ritual vitamins but was told recently by my Dr that the amount of individual vitamins in the capsules were relativity low for what women need.  Which was disheartening to hear because I liked those vitamins so thank you for the brand recommendations (thanks also to jyotisuntha for your recommendation). 

Since I live in WA State Vitamin D is super important and take anywhere from 5,000-10,000IU depending on the season (also per a blood test I had taken) - Do you know if there is a difference in absorbency between gel/capsule Vit. D and liquid? I've heard different responses to that. I completely forgot about the importance of K2 so thank you so much for mentioning that!
Title: Re: Supplement Brand Recommendation?
Post by: trinavadon on May 26, 2019, 08:17:04 PM
I love the brand Garden of Life. They are organic and have multivitamins that are made from real foods and not synthetic forms. They make a lot of different vitamins and products.
Title: Re: Supplement Brand Recommendation?
Post by: erinlong on June 05, 2019, 11:19:34 PM
Hi Caryn,

Sorry for the delay in responding! I suppose the absorbancy in terms of gel/capsule would likely have to do with the individual and their ability to break down the softgel or capsule. Liquid is available as well, and you're better able to absorb vitamin D-3 in the presence of fat, so taking it with a meal that contains a little fat would be optimal. I suppose, however, it also depends on one's ability to actually take the supplement. I have lots of friends who buy liquids of something because they feel it might absorb better, but they never end up taking it because they don't like the taste. In that case, a softgel or capsule might be better, if it improves one's chances of ingestion!