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Author Topic: Question about the distance learning experience  (Read 4153 times)

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Question about the distance learning experience
« on: September 22, 2010, 07:52:05 AM »
Thanks again, Dr. Bauman, for the enlightening conference call last night.  I believe I have a clear sense of your vision.  There was one area I'm not sure if we got to (it may have slipped past me), specifically the contrasts between the campus experience and the distance learning experience.  Can anyone elaborate on what differences may exist?  Are there any distance learners out there who can chime in?  Have you been satisfied with the experience?  Are there aspects you'd prefer were changed?  Is there a fair amount of communication between distance learners as a group?  How about communication / interaction with faculty?

I would appreciate any thoughts.


Orrin Ahola

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Re: Question about the distance learning experience
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2010, 10:22:07 AM »

I am a distance learner and I am almost finished with my program.

Here is the thing. I work full time, am a mother and a wife, live in a rural area and without this program I would not have been able to pursue my dream. If you have the ability to go to the campus, then by all means, do it! But the distance learning program was perfectly designed for a person like me.

I have devoted myself to this curriculum. I live it, practice it, and implement it in whatever way I can. In a previous post, I voiced that my classroom has been my everyday life and fellow students have been the people who have shared their stories with me, or who were open to teach me in small ways. I really allowed myself to dive in to this world, and to reach out. I have not just sat in my house, going over materials. I have taken the lectures and written down pages of questions for my teacher at our meeting. I have researched, gone to the local library, and read books on those issues or topics that I was interested in. I have stayed up late at night writing down ideas, creating menu plans, and fliers and researching the latest nutrition headlines. My point is that something has happened from me NOT being in a classroom. I have had to develop a discipline and self-reliance that is stronger than ever before. I have had to believe in my internal world, rather than letting the outside world take precedence over me. I do not know if that would have happened as fast for me if I was in a classroom setting, feeling that I can rely on the cushion of support.

I have corresponded with other distance learners, and even students going to the campus, through the forum. My teacher (who monitors your progress and grades your work at the end of each unit) was amazing. I found it so gratifying to be learning from a person that was having meetings with me in between clients. I felt that she was not only an academic adviser, but also a mentor guiding the way to my success. That was a dream come true - meeting with someone who taught me by example, even from far away.

I have to say - I followed my intuition on doing this program. I interviewed Dietitians at my local hospital, I called colleges all over the United States researching conventional, distance learning options for a Dietetics degree. I talked with alternative schools, looked over their material and curriculum. And I always came back to Bauman College.

I had many people in my life who did not support me in this decision. They said that I would not be able to become confident and develop connections doing a DL program. They said that the alternative route was risky. Some said that I should not go to school at all. But every single one of them have changed their mind as they have seen what has transpired. I am now ready to help and assist my community, and the world, with what I have gained.

Bottom line - always follow your intuition. The people, situations, and circumstances that you are attracted to, that make you feel unencumbered and inspired, are the path to a positive future.

Natalie Pescetti

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Re: Question about the distance learning experience
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2010, 10:59:06 AM »
A belated thanks for your thoughtful reply!