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Love is Medicine Workshop
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WHEN: June 10-12
WHERE: Anam Cara, 2915 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94703
TIME: 9:30am-4:30pm
Only 15 spots available

Love is Medicine Level I will teach participants how to access the unified field of loving. From wholeness we remember wholeness. If you are called to deepen the loving inside of yourself and use it in a clinical setting, this training is for you.  This experiential workshop will focus on the role of vulnerability as a practitioner, cultivate energetic skills for both you and your client’s, and explore why working with love can assist you in your practice.

The workshop is designed specifically for those in the nutrition, coaching and healing world who are interested in working on a Soul level, which encompasses the emotional, physical and spiritual body. Accessing the loving invites a higher frequency of vibration that assists in healing. Participants will learn very practical ways to access that energy themselves and add it to their skill set.

To register contact Jessica at:
WHEN: June 10-12
WHERE: Anam Cara, 2915 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94703
TIME: 9:30am-4:30pm

Facilitated by: Jessica Flanigan, Clinical Nutritionist and Laurie da Silveira, M.A.
Jessica Flanigan: Jessica is a clinical nutritionist who has worked with thousands of clients over the course of 20 years. She is the author of The Loving Diet which teaches mind-body skills to assist healing autoimmunity and suffering. She currently has a very busy Autoimmune Protocol practice and works with clients globally. She uses a blend of clinical nutrition, soul-level energy work and biochemistry to help clients come into cooperation with what ails them. She has been studying with her spiritual teacher Robert Waterman EdD LPCC for over a decade. He has been a spiritual teacher for over 45 years and is the founder of Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM and Noetic Field Therapy. You can find Jessica at:

Laurie da Silveira, M.A. :  Laurie began her journey inward while studying transpersonal psychology at Southwestern College in Santa, Fe, NM. There she met her spiritual teacher, Robert Waterman, EdD, LPCC 10 years ago. After completing her Masters degree, she traveled the world, is raising a daughter, and continues to study with Robert Waterman and Karey Thorne. She began her field in nutrition three years ago after experiencing her own health challenges and will soon be a graduate of Bauman College as a Nutrition Consultant. She now sees clients all around the country incorporating what she has learned in her spiritual practice into her nutrition consulting. She has experienced how the power of Love has transformed her healing journey and wants to share this with others. You can find Laurie at: