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Author Topic: Child with SIFD on Medical Formula.  (Read 1192 times)

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Child with SIFD on Medical Formula.
« on: September 20, 2018, 08:38:40 AM »
Hi Everyone!
I have a friend reaching out for some advice and help:

Im looking for a natural minded/holistic nutritionist/dietician for children. Bonus if they have experience with children with metabolic and mitochondrial disorders.
My daughter is on a medical formula called Neocate. I really want to get her off and replace it with something else. The 50% corn syrup solids just doesnt sit right with me. We are fighting to improve her speech and I feel cutting that out will help a lot.

Basically her medical condition is called SIFD but its so rare, I doubt anyone would be familiar. Its auto-inflammatory, metabolic, and mitochondrial disorder. She cant have dairy regularly. Shes very picky and only eats a few things so the medical formula fills in the gaps. Shes very delayed in speech due to several factors but I noticed one of those factors is due to brain fog. She has started ubiquinol, Whole Foods MV with glyconutrients, probiotic, and SBI, all of these things have improved her speech and decreased brain fog. The probiotic and SBI shrunk her belly and increased her speech. Oh and I also filter fluoride out of her water and got another boost in speech.

Anyone that can help? Id love to send over your contact information!