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Author Topic: 10/28 Nutrition Lecture in San Rafael, CA:"Nutrition Bandits" with Ed Bauman,PhD  (Read 4867 times)

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Join Ed Bauman, PhD, Director of Bauman College, as he presents this FREE lecture titled "Nutrition Bandits".  Have you ever wondered why our children are overweight, inattentive, slow learners and disruptive? M&M's, MTV?  An Eating for Health natural foods approach will be introduced to provide practical and delicious
alternatives that can drive the nutrition bandits out of your cupboard. Discover how to support health, regenerate, and recover from the effects of long-term poor eating.
This FREE informative lecture will be held at Elephant Pharmacy on October 28, 2006 from 10:00am - 12:30pm, 909 Grand Ave. @ 3rd, San Rafael, CA.  Please call 415.462.6000 for information
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