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Eating 4 Health: Fitness Foods
« on: June 10, 2009, 01:55:33 PM »
Dr. Bauman writes:

The Eating 4 Health model, which encourages fresh, local, seasonal, organic and strategic food choices is the perfect way to orient a casual or performance athlete on how to eat to win. A whole foods, balancing or building diet is the best diet direction. Calories and nutrients will vary given the age, activity level, health status and metabolism of the client. As usual, there is no one size fits all diet plan. The first step is to conduct a diet and lifestyle analysis and to bring to the attention of your client the the ratio and amount of Nutrition Heroes (E4H foods) they are consuming vs. the amount of Nutrition Bandits (processed, stimulant foods). The bandits may provide quick energy, but will rob health and performance over time, leading to inflammation, injury and exhaustion.


The complete article is attached for your review.

Eat well and be well,