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Author Topic: Cotati Moves to Ban Formula Fast Food Establishments  (Read 4081 times)

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Cotati Moves to Ban Formula Fast Food Establishments
« on: March 06, 2007, 09:38:09 AM »
Cotati is on the path to banning the establishment of Fast Food businesses!!

After months of passionate expression by Cotati citizens during various city council and planning meetings centering around the future of Cotati, it's vision and business path, the city council held an emergency meeting last night, 3/5/07, on the subject of banning Formula Based Fast Food from our city due to the "last straw" of overwhelming expression of contempt for such businesses that poured into last weeks regularly scheduled city council meeting. 

At last nights special meeting, citizens comments lasted for more than 3 hours and the majority of the almost 50 speakers were individuals opposed to allowing "Formula Based Fast Food" into our town.  The result was a unanimous vote by the city council to place a moratorium on the establishment of formula fast food until a permanent ban could be established.  No doubt there will be more long evenings for the citizens and government of Cotati during the next 45 days as the criteria for a permanent ban are worked out.

Cotati joins a small but growing list of cites that are saying "NO" to corporate food garbage. I am really proud of our city.  I am hopeful that the moratorium becomes a permanent prohibition.  I will keep you posted.

Remember, city governments act at the will of the people.  Here in Cotati, we were vocal, we stayed vocal and we maintain vigilance.  How is your community?  What can you do as a citizen to shape it's future?  I encourage folks to be involved in whatever way you can....

....and stop by Cotati on your way through Sonoma County.  Eat at Redwood Cafe, shop for great food at Oliver's, visit the last independent book store in Sonoma county: North Light Books, or just enjoy the quaint atmosphere that we are working hard to preserve.

Here is the link to the Press Democrat's article on the subject:
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