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Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts

Become a Natural Chef. Master a healthful approach to culinary arts. Learn more

Become a Nutrition Consultant. Learn a holistic approach to the promotion of optimal health and wellness. Learn more

Become a Nutrition Consultant via Distance Learning, with a structured yet flexible schedule. Learn more

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Our mission is to create a sustainable culture of wellness in individuals, in the community, and in our health care delivery systems. Learn more

Bauman College celebrates 25 years of educational excellence!

The Eating for Health model turns 25 this year! Learn more

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About Us

Bauman College is a non-profit educational institution devoted to the promotion of health and wellness through holistic nutrition and culinary arts. We offer two professional training programs, Nutrition Consultant and Natural Chef. Our programs prepare students to assist individuals in the avoidance of illness and the promotion of optimal health through nutrition consultation and therapeutic food preparation. With whole, seasonal, organic, unrefined, and local foods we hope to inspire a food revolution and change the world, one bite at a time. Find out more...