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Looking to help others optimize their health? Our Holistic Chef online culinary program and Nutrition Consultant online program will feed your creativity and give you the confidence to create a new, rewarding career helping others. We incorporate current nutrition research, sustainable sourcing practices, and restorative food recipes and techniques from around the world to prepare you for an exciting future in holistic nutrition and the culinary arts.

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Holistic Chef Online Culinary Program

Become a kitchen master as you build a rewarding career in the culinary arts.

12-month program
100% online + externship

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Nutrition Consultant Online Program

Become a professional, confident, and
valued nutrition consultant.

12-month program
100% online

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Bauman Benefits

No matter which path you choose, our programs provide:

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Holistic approach to whole foods nourishment
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Readiness to enter the job market
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Happiness in a career you’ll love

Plus, unlike other Holistic Chef and Nutrition Consultant programs, Bauman College offers:


A robust business curriculum that prepares you for career success


Career placement services


Live classes with your instructors

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Our Philosophy

At Bauman College, we believe you have the power to create change in the world through conscious eating, earth-friendly living, and healthy lifestyle choices. Our curriculum combines science-backed research and real-world applications in order to provide the most current, well-rounded education needed for success in today’s world.

  • Led by nutrition and culinary arts experts
  • Person-centered approach
  • Practical, hands-on application of concepts and teachings
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How We Support You

Bauman College understands the challenges busy adults face fitting school into their life. We’ve utilized the latest technology to ensure your experience feels like a classroom environment, helping you train for a new, holistic career without leaving home. Plus, our instructors and teaching assistants support different learning styles and are always available for additional guidance and feedback.

Wondering how our programs will work for you? Contact us with any questions.

Photo of Caitlin Fierro Photo of Caitlin Fierro

The Nutrition Consultant program was excellent, and the staff at Bauman College are top notch. My naturopath recommended this program, and it completely exceeded my expectations. The curriculum is excellent, the pace is fast, and the staff is very supportive. I am now a certified Nutrition Consultant, and the certification will support the business I own, and give me the opportunity to help my clients from a functional nutrition perspective.

— Caitlin Fierro

Nutrition Consultant Graduate
Photo of Julie Thenell Photo of Julie Thenell

Bauman College offered everything I was looking for in a holistic nutrition program. The content was broad and in-depth. Instructors and staff were extremely knowledgeable and supportive. Although rigorous, the design of the program allowed for flexibility. Whether you are looking for a course to educate yourself or to eventually help others improve their nutrition, the Bauman College Nutrition Consultant program will change your life.

— Julie Thenell

Nutrition Consultant Graduate
Photo of Nanette King Photo of Nanette King

I completed the Holistic Chef program and it was the best decision I could have made for myself. Since graduating my husband and I bought a Bed and Breakfast where I am now running my own business and cooking for guests with a variety of dietary preferences at Loganberry Inn. It had always been a dream of mine to own a B & B and graduating from the holistic chef program gave me the confidence and skills to pursue that dream.

The program was a great introduction to so many techniques, specialty diets, world flavors and traditions, business, and getting real world experience through the externship has proven to be a valuable addition to the program. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and truly want every student to succeed. This isn't like trying to learn off of YouTube videos, this is real life experience and training. Attending the weekly classes and staying on pace with the lessons and cooking labs is intense but once you graduate you will be amazed at everything you learned and can do. You will be "thinking like a chef" and able to pursue your own dream!

— Nanette King

Holistic Chef Graduate
Photo of Inbal Fershtat Photo of Inbal Fershtat

Once I found Bauman College, it was like a dream come true, a school that offers a wonderful education about healthy cooking, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Bauman College gave me the tools, knowledge and confidence to go out to the world and manifest my dreams.

— Inbal Fershtat

Nutrition Consultant Graduate
Photo of Virginia Watkins Photo of Virginia Watkins

Bauman College offered a more holistic approach to health than other dietetics programs, and I was able to work a full-time job, and have a baby while doing the program. Bauman College gave me information and tools about how diet, sleep and exercise affect us, and fueled my curiosity to learn more.

— Virginia Watkins

Nutrition Consultant Graduate
Photo of Shahla Rashid Photo of Shahla Rashid

Bauman College gave me a foundation and understanding of how to cook for chronic health conditions using alternative ingredients, plant based, seasonal, organic whole foods. This foundation was very important for me not only personally but in my professional career. The skills I learned help me to become a better cook and recipe developer. Through my recipes, I’m able to provide solutions for people who needed to live without allergens that could potentially harm them.

— Shahla Rashid

Holistic Chef Graduate
Photo of Jennifer Caroff Photo of Jennifer Caroff

The curriculum is rich with value and learning and the instructors truly care that you make the most of your training. I found myself in exactly the right place, facing in the right direction with my career path stretching out before me in beautiful, satisfying ways.

— Jennifer Caroff

Holistic Chef Graduate
Photo of Nancy Chang Photo of Nancy Chang

Bauman College gave me an in-depth knowledge of holistic nutrition and anatomy, coupled with an understanding of the challenges people experience and how we can use the food that we eat to encourage the highest quality life that we can. It has influenced the way that I see the world, how I think about the ingredients that I use in my recipes–from how I use my oil to the salt I select–and it allows me to be confident that I am considering my approach and application in a way that amplifies the positive qualities of the soups we make.

— Nancy Chang

Nutrition Consultant Graduate
Photo of Nikki Martinez Photo of Nikki Martinez

I’m blown away by how my education has up-leveled since graduating from Bauman College. My confidence with cooking has risen dramatically. The layout of the program, the deep-rooted education we’ve been taught has been much more than I ever could have dreamed of. We’ve gotten a MODERN CHEF’s dream education to be honest. Bauman has taught me how to source properly, how to cook using ingredients that are better for the body & support healing all while making food taste SO DANG GOOD!!!

— Nikki Martinez

Holistic Chef Graduate
Photo of Simone Miller Photo of Simone Miller

I appreciated that the curriculum at Bauman wasn’t based on the Standard American Diet, but wasn’t overly dogmatic about one way of eating, either. It all felt very balanced. When I started the program there, I saw myself assisting people to eat healthier, and Bauman College was the perfect fit.

— Simone Miller

Nutrition Consultant Graduate
Photo of Shannon Marie Photo of Shannon Marie

One of the best decisions I made was to enroll in the Culinary Arts program. I graduated with all the skills necessary to be successful as a Personal Chef, Cooking Instructor, and Caterer. Bauman's cooking instructors and staff are professional and supportive. The curriculum is comprehensive, unique, and practical. I immediately found employment as a personal chef to pro athletes as well as clients with health challenges. The knowledge and experience that I walked away with opened many doors which allowed me to explore different aspects of cooking including writing, recipe development, and meal plans. The opportunities are endless and the satisfaction of supporting others on their health journeys through food is magical. I really appreciate all the health benefits that my family and I have enjoyed from everything I learned at Bauman College.

— Shannon Marie

Holistic Chef Graduate
Photo of Paty Stewart Photo of Paty Stewart

I graduated from the Natural Chef program a couple of years ago and it was a great experience for me. It was an intense and very complete program where we learned how to work around a commercial kitchen, safety, making healthy and nutritious food, new ingredients and tips from our instructors and International Cuisine. I would probably just liked to have known more about the work load before enrolling so I could have organized my time in a different way but it was worth the work.

Everything I learned in the program has helped me at two jobs already.

— Paty Stewart

Holistic Chef Graduate
Photo of Miriam Jones Photo of Miriam Jones

I am a recent graduate Class of November 2021 Holistic Chef. It was very challenging initially, but at the end of my journey, I'm very thankful to tough it out. I had a great mentor/instructor Chef Porsche, who is very supportive and won't let you give up on yourself. If you have a love for cooking and enjoy cooking for people, Bauman is a great place to develop your culinary skills. Thank you again, Chef Porsche and the very supportive administration staff at Bauman College.

— Miriam Jones

Holistic Chef Graduate

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