2020 Vision by Dr. Ed Bauman, Founder and President of Bauman College

Entering our fourth decade, Bauman College is alive, well and thriving. We have updated and expanded our programs to include both professional vocational training and community education. Forty years ago, I realized, to my dismay, that the dietary guidelines for Americans and the world were defined to favor the commercial food industry, not the health

Is Health Coaching Right for You?

According to Google Trends, health coaching started growing as a search term around 2007. Since then, it grew into a $6 billion industry and isn’t slowing down. Over 100,000 practicing health coaches are out there taking their portion of that $6 billion. You can read more about this growing field here. If you’re willing to

How to Compare Health Coaching Programs

There are a lot of health coaching programs out there; including the one we offer at Bauman College. I could tell you why I believe that our program is the best, and the next few schools could do the same. It is up to you to figure out which program fits you and which school

Alumni Spotlight + Recipe: Michelle Cave

My name is Michelle Cave and I am a Bauman College graduate. While exploring career paths, I did a lot of soul searching. When I discovered the field of nutrition, I immediately knew that I had found my niche. Then, when I came across Bauman College, I knew I had found the right school to

Personal Chefs Are the New Food Delivery Service

By Claire McCann, Natural Chef Alumna What is a personal chef? At Bauman College, we train a variety of professionals including skilled, therapeutic natural chefs. Many of our Natural Chef Program graduates go on to become personal or private chefs. What does this career entail? Well, a personal or private chef works for individuals and/or

Alumni Spotlight: Shannon Valle

My name is Shannon Valle and I am a graduate of the Natural Chef Program. I was born and raised in San Francisco and for the past 24 years I have lived in Union City, CA. After graduating from UC Davis and Sonoma State University with a teaching credential, I taught English and history at

Holistic Nutrition Education – 3 Reasons to Choose Bauman College

Every nutrition school has unique strengths and reasons why they are the best choice for people who are pursuing holistic nutrition education. If you are one of those people, consider the following 3 little-known facts about Bauman College: 1. We’ve Been Teaching Holistic Nutrition for 30 Years Bauman College was founded by Dr. Ed Bauman