Legacy Bay Area Colleges Unite to Expand Program Offerings in Holistic Health

Emeryville, California – National Holistic Institute | A College of Massage Therapy announces the acquisition of Bauman College, a leading provider of vocational programs in the fields of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. NHI is excited to build upon the rich heritage of both organizations while expanding program offerings in online and in-person holistic health education,

Coronavirus Update +Best Practices for Natural Protection

Coronavirus-19 • Best Practices for Natural Protection • UPDATED March 13, 2020 © 2020 Dr Ed Bauman Founder and President, Bauman College and Bauman Wellness   My focus is to share time-tested natural health solutions for virus protection from enhanced self-care to initiate an integrative response to managing risk to and infection from Coronavirus-19, and subsequent

Why Personal Chefs are in High Demand Today

There is an uneasy compromise occurring daily in so many American households today. So many of us are stretched incredibly thin as we work demanding jobs, try to squeeze in our exercise routines, cultivate meaningful relationships, keep up with domestic duties, shuttle our kids to sports and after-school activities, and a multitude of other demands

2020 Vision by Dr. Ed Bauman, Founder and President of Bauman College

Entering our fourth decade, Bauman College is alive, well and thriving. We have updated and expanded our programs to include both professional vocational training and community education. Forty years ago, I realized, to my dismay, that the dietary guidelines for Americans and the world were defined to favor the commercial food industry, not the health

Personal Chefs Are the New Food Delivery Service

By Claire McCann, Natural Chef Alumna What is a personal chef? At Bauman College, we train culinary professionals including personal or private chefs, meal-delivery chefs, and dinner-party caterers. What does this career entail? Well, a personal or private chef works for individuals and/or families, preparing personalized meals that suit their unique needs and preferences. Personal