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Bauman College culinary school is a leader in online vocational programs in the fields of holistic nutrition and culinary arts. Bauman College has been based in the San Francisco East Bay for over 30 years with facilities in Berkeley and Emeryville, California. Bauman College leads the way in educating future leaders, thinkers, and creators in the holistic nutrition and culinary arts professions. Our courses and programs are available online from virtually any location.

At Bauman College, students share more than a hopeful vision. They share a drive to combine ideology, science, and business – and they get it all here through our visionary curricula. As a Bauman College student, you will gain an advanced understanding of nutrition as well as learn to think critically and provide others with a better understanding of healthy eating and food preparation.

With curricula that blend the science of nutrition with the art of restorative cooking, as a Bauman College graduate you will have an expert, holistic knowledge of whole-foods nutrition and meal preparation. You will be fully prepared to provide personalized nutrition evaluations and help others reach optimal health. Bauman College joined the National Holistic Institute (NHI) family in August 2020.

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What Sets Bauman College Apart

Since 1989, Bauman College has been preparing students for careers in holistic nutrition and the culinary arts in a wide variety of locations throughout the SF East Bay Area such as Emeryville, Berkeley, across the country and the world.

Our curricula are constantly being updated to incorporate findings from the most current scientific research.

  • Educating With Vision—Built on the revolutionary ideas of Dr. Ed Bauman, we are at the forefront of the holistic health movement. We offer rigorous curricula that include relevant, marketable career training and the direction students need to succeed, all from the comfort of your home.
  • Guiding Students to Success—We do not just teach students; we provide them with a powerful vision for employing their knowledge and skills in the world. Students are prepared for a variety of professional opportunities as our renowned certification programs are reinforced with robust career guidance.
  • What’s Next in Nutrition—Our graduates are equipped with a non-dogmatic and thorough understanding of nutrition, so no matter where they take their knowledge, they will be making an impact.
If you are looking for an inspiring place to learn, create, network, and heal both yourself and those around you, this is the place. You get so much more than just an education. This is a stepping stone for a healthier, more nurturing life. You leave knowing that you just gave yourself one of the greatest gifts you possibly it to better your life and your child's life. Be part of the change that our world so greatly needs.
Tessa M., Bauman College Graduate
Photo of Bauman College students and instructors

Who We Are

Bauman College is leading the way in online non-dogmatic, research-based holistic education.


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Leaders in Holistic Education

Nutrition Consultants and Holistic Chefs trained online by Bauman College are prepared to be leaders in the holistic nutrition, wellness, and culinary arts industries, and they are in high demand for their unique knowledge and training.

With Bauman College’s industry expert instructors, alumni resources, and integrative and comprehensive programs, prospective students can rest assured that Bauman College is the right choice.

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