40 Days of Yoga: Day 10

My entire adult life I’ve been a hyper-planner. Not in the sense that I have a plan that I stick to for everything, but I consider every possible angle of a situation and come up with every possible way to handle it, just in case. I’m beginning to realize just how little control I have over the circumstances, though, and boy, is that liberating.

There are so many uncertainties in life. From the weather to the timing of your day to how you’ll truly react in the moment, you can’t really prepare for everything. And you shouldn’t. When you spend most of your day planning how you’ll do things, and the circumstances simply change, all of the time you spent planning is for naught. That planning time can also be source of anxiety, so, speaking for myself, I’ve been spending all of this time worrying and obsessing for nothing.

Day 10’s lesson was to allow the circumstances to be a gift. It was a reminder that living for the now holds so much reward, and planning for things that may never come to pass is energy better spent elsewhere. As long as you trust your own intuition and your ability to make smart decisions in the moment, when the circumstances present themselves, you can decide what’s best in that moment.

Hat tip to my husband who’s been championing this cause for almost a decade. I get it, babe, and I’m here now.