40 Days of Yoga: Day 14

My yoga practice is sacred to me. I realized just how true this was as I rushed through traffic on Day 14 trying desperately to make it to class on time (anxiety and desperation in the face of adversity – not very yogic, but that’s a topic for another day). Being in class on time is so important to me because I have such reverence for the sanctity of the practice.

It got me thinking – why is it I don’t feel this way when I’m late to anything else?

Admittedly, I’m the most tardy person I know. I’m always at least 10 minutes late to places, it takes me weeks to return a phone call, and I have this issue with the snooze button…(see Day 12). But that has never been the case with yoga. No matter the circumstances leading up to class, I always leave with plenty of time to unwind on my mat and be prepared for the first om.

Looking at the striking difference between the way I show up for yoga and the way I show up for everything else, I recognized the varying levels of sacredness I hold for different things in my life. It was eye opening and a little saddening.

I’m not going to dwell on where in my life I’m failing to show up with devotion and dedication. Instead, I’m looking at this as an opportunity to recommit myself to my own life. Everything I have in my life I have chosen. I feel tremendously blessed to be able to say that. Now it’s time for all of the people and all of the things in my life to feel that I am blessed to have them.

This pursuit of a life holistic and journey to personal revolution for me in so many ways is about finding and sharing gratitude for all that life has given. I feel empowered and exhilarated to reaffirm my choices and give respect, honor, and appreciation for everything I do.

You see, it’s so much more than yoga.