40 Days of Yoga: Day 23

Of all of the aspects of 40 Days of Yoga, the part I struggle with the most is the diet. Considering my job, you may either find that incredibly ironic or very appropriate. I practically eat for a living. Yes, it’s all incredibly healthy and balanced food, but excess is excess.

Each day I reapproach mindful eating and eating until physical satiety. Most days, I overindulge for the love of flavor and at the expense of my health. Buddha said, “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” I find that so profound because, even in the smallest way, my habitual overindulgence is contributing to more dis-ease than is necessary.

I bring this up for two reasons: 1 – so you know that even those of us surrounded by health education are vulnerable to food challenges like everyone else and 2 – so that you might be inspired to know that after years of food challenges, I see each day as another opportunity to find a better balance.

I’m grateful to say I no longer feel discouraged by my slips off the wagon of mindful eating, even if they happen every night. I know the fact that I continue to work at it means I’m making progress. As long as I don’t lose my optimism, I’ll work it out in my own time. And each time I slip and climb back on, I learn something new and helpful and find a bit more courage.

Moving into the cleanse portion of 40 Days of Yoga is exciting. It’s an another opportunity to learn how to create a harmonious relationship between body, mind, soul, and food. Hmm… contemplating soulfood.

More on the cleanse later.