40 Days of Yoga: Day 26

I feel more fully aware of sensation than I can ever recall.

I feel my gloves sliding across the tops of my hands and in between my fingers as I remove them after class. I feel the wood floor of the studio beneath me as each bone in my foot rolls down to meet it. I feel my thighs press backward as I walk forward. I feel the night air hit the tip of my nose and then roll horizontally across my cheekbones. I smell the deepening aroma of burnt garlic as I pass the pizzeria.

And all the while, I feel complete internal calm.

It’s as though there is a meridian running through the center of my body to which all imbalances magnetize. And when they meet their destination, they dissipate instantly.

Even if this heightened sensation only last a few moments longer, I am grateful for the opportunity to feel so alive.