40 Days of Yoga: Day 27

I love having the ability to change my mind at any moment. I used to think of it as hypocritical  if I said one thing one week and then a completely different thing the next, but I now just see it as living in the moment and being aware of the impermanent nature of life.

Having been on the cleanse for five days now, I may have re-evaluated what my Ideal Day looks like in terms of my meals.

I’ve been starting each day with Green Juice or fresh fruit, and it’s felt refreshing. I usually need a large breakfast with a lot of protein to sustain my blood sugar throughout the morning, but since I gave up grains, I no longer experience my 11am blood sugar crash.

This no-grain thing has also left me with tons of energy and virtual no sugar cravings. I understand fully that complex carbs are not the same as simple carbs, but I think carbs easily beget more carbs for a lot of people. I can certainly say that’s the case with me. The more of them I eat, the more of them I want. Somehow, this principle hasn’t applied to fruit and sweet potatoes, though, which is perfect because those have been my carbs-of-choice this week.

I’m inspired to keep this up, the no-grains (well, let’s just say far fewer grains) approach to my diet. I’m hoping it’ll mean continual balanced blood sugar.

I’ll let you know.