40 Days of Yoga: Day 28

Confession: I haven’t been blogging every day.

Those savvy readers out there who fancy themselves a little bit of a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy may have already figured this out by reading the publishing date and time on each post.

In any event, I’ve been quite busy, and I got to a point where I had been neglecting a lot of my 40 Days responsibilities – journaling at each meal time, meditating morning and evening. I’ll be honest. I had lost sight of some of my intentions.

It was a very hard reality to face because I wanted to do everything perfectly (funny how when you admit that you simultaneously realize that there’s no such ability to doing everything perfectly and that everything that was supposed to happen is happening as it was supposed to). Living in that acceptance, I fess up to my days of missed posts and my days of missed 40 Days activities.

I did, however, reconnect with my intention for this workshop, but more importantly to you readers, I reconnected with my intention for this blog – to inspire as best I can by sharing what has inspired me.

On that note, I hope my honesty to you and my compassion for myself has allowed you to see what you might be resisting in your own life a bit more honestly and to find the kindess to forgive yourself and “be at ease with all that is arising now” (thank you for that mantra, Dina Amsterdam).

I may find the space in the coming posts to discuss the beautiful and life-affirming way I reconnected with my intentions, but in the meantime, my next few blogs will likely be excerpts from the many things that have inspired me over the last few challenging days.

As always, yours in service,