40 Days of Yoga: Day 3

All day I’ve been feeling crazy euphoric. The time between when I woke up and left for work seemed to stretch on forever (when does that happen?!), and I’ve been rocking out in my car as if I were a cast member of Glee. This could be the result of some random happiness phenomenon, but I speculate it’s because I’ve been taking such good care of myself.

Each day I’ve committed to doing yoga, morning and evening meditation, journaling, and reading some pretty excellent books (40 Days to Personal Revolution, The Alchemist, Eat, Drink, and Be Mindful, and The Power of Now). This may not be your cup of tea, but for me, this is heaven. Like so many of you, I rarely put myself first. This commitment to 40 Days of Yoga, however, is all about me. And it’s giving me a chance to break bad habits, start good ones, and give myself what I need.

A good friend of mine says that it’s important to enjoy your own company. I couldn’t agree more. If you can treat yourself life a friend, you’ll always be in good hands. And when circumstances in your life change, which they always do, you can step into the unknown knowing you’ve got a friend on your side.

It’s definitely worth the investment to cultivate a relationship with yourself. Whether that means taking some time to read a book for pleasure instead of for work, signing up for classes you’ve been wanting to take, or cooking dinner for yourself every night, there is so much you can do to show you that you care.

After all, you and you are going to be together a long time.