40 Days of Yoga: Day 8

As I think back on all the things I blogged and journaled about throughout Week One, I realize that my theme for the first week of 40 Days of Yoga was discovery. I discovered how much strength and courage I had. I discovered how to bring more awareness into each moment. I even discovered a handful of personal struggles such as my uphill battle with mindful eating and the places in my life where I had been habitually tuning out, shutting down, or giving in. It was an illuminating week, to say the least.

Here is what I want to say in summary:

If there are places in your life where you are struggling to find solution, meaning or ease, please take a moment to congratulate yourself first on having enough bravery to walk the path of self-discovery. Remind yourself too that personal revolution does not happen overnight. Any level of commitment you can summon from within that encourages your own growth, even if it sometimes feels as though you’re moving backwards, should be celebrated. The journey to transformation is a difficult one, but that is why it offers so much reward. In the end, we find simplicity and serenity.

I am so honored to be sharing this journey with you, and I am so grateful for the support you show simply by showing up to this page. It lets me know that I’m part of a community, a community who’s greater goal is to offer more peace and kindness to one another. It’s that selflessness and generosity of spirit that encourages people to start a personal revolution in the first place. We want to become better individuals so that we might change the whole of humanity. And suddenly, a little uphill battle doesn’t seem so tricky in the face of such a heartfelt intention.

With extreme gratitude, humility, and excitement for what comes next,