40 Days of Yoga: Days 40 and Beyond

Well, it’s no secret that I did not keep up with daily blogging during 40 Days of Yoga. I did, however, keep up with the yoga, meditation, journaling, reading, and all around dropping into my life. I’ve also been able to find some compassion for myself around not keeping my blog promise. I can say for sure, though, that this program was life changing. All aspects of my life were affected – my physical activity, my mental clarity, my patience, my relationship with food; I’m celebrating extreme joy in the benefits found from being present in my life.

I want to take a moment to thank all of the people that provided space for me to grow these last 40 Days.

To Bauman College, thank you for literally holding space for me in the office and on this site while I embarked on this challenge. Your support for all things holistic is why I love coming to work each day.

To the readers, thank you for motivating me to get to the keyboard. Even though I didn’t complete the entire 43 entries, there would have been far fewer without your replies, comments in class, and emails letting me know you were reading and finding encouragement.

Much appreciation to all of the Yoga Tree Instructors who led amazing classes that pushed me to grow in so many ways: Dina Amsterdam, Charu Rachlis, KK Ledford, Louise With-Seidelin, Marni Sclaroff, Sean Haleen, and Margi Young.

To Elizabeth Rosser, you embody such a beautiful balance of gentleness and fierceness. Thank you for showing that there is room for both grace and strength in a woman’s life.

To Pete Guinosso, yoga guru, ab marshal, and all around superhuman, my life was changed in the very first class of yours I took. Thank you for opening up the empowering world of Forrest Yoga and for the constant encouragement to live a life of integrity, truth, and gratitude.

And to my fellow 40 Days friends, the ending of the program is bittersweet because I’ve grown to cherish the community we’ve built. Your presence and commitment has been an inspiration. I pray that we continue to practice together and share what we’ve learned with the rest of the world so they might understand how support from a community can help heal a person’s wounds. Maybe by extension, the world itself might be healed.