40 Days of Yoga – One Chef’s Journey through Mind, Body, and Spirit

Once upon a time, I visited a yoga studio where they had posted the most clever, and possibly most profound, sign in their women’s restroom. It read “You have the opportunity to practice yoga every moment of every day. Please keep this area clean out of respect for the yogi who enters after you.” In that moment I understood that yoga is not just the activity I practice on the mat. Yoga is way of life; it is understanding that we are all connected and honoring every being’s right to live in harmony.

Many, many sun salutations later, I began to see how all of the activities in my life could be related to yoga, and I wondered, “how far does this extend?” It was clear to me already that my work as a Natural Chef had yogic intent, and every time I interfaced with a colleague at Bauman College I could embody the spirit of namaste. But just how much yoga could I allow to enter my life? And how might that affect me as an individual, as a Culinary Director, and as a contributing member of society?

It’s time to find out.

I believe yoga asana, meditation, and proper diet and nutrition are all part of a balanced lifestyle. It is with this belief that I begin a workshop at Yoga Tree San Francisco called “40 Days of Yoga to Personal Transformation“. I’m excited to see all of the ways this commitment enriches me. I expect to find my body challenged as I explore 42 consecutive days of asana practice. I expect to find my mind challenged as I experience a deeper understand of what it means to eat mindfully. And I expect to find my spirit elevated as all of these discoveries show me how to experience humanity in it’s unity and oneness.

This is the first of 43 entries discussing my workshop and how it relates to the pursuit of a life holistic.

My first class begins in half an hour, so I’m off for now, but I’ll be back to share more with you soon.

Please feel free to comment and post questions throughout this journal. I’m look forward to hearing how similar disciplines have helped you on your journey through mind, body, and spirit.

Anxiously awaiting,

Sitarani Brian

Culinary Program Director

Bauman College