A Fresh Take on the Culinary Arts


The Bauman College Natural Chef program offers a fresh take on the culinary arts by going beyond a traditional culinary education.  By being part of the program, students not only learn the fundamentals of cooking, we take them further so that they know how to cook well and are able to help themselves, their loved ones, and their clients reach optimal health.

For over 25 years, Bauman College has been a leader in holistic health and nutrition. We are excited to announce some fresh, new additions to our culinary program to elevate our students’ knowledge and skills so that they can expand their repertoires and begin successful careers upon graduation.

Baking and Pastry
– When it comes to baked goods, healthy doesn’t mean bland and boring and tasty doesn’t have to include processed flours and lots of sugar. Continuing with our gluten-free cakes, pies, and breads, we are now expanding this course to include techniques in gluten-free sourdough, biscuits, flatbread, crackers, pastry, tarts, and pastry creams.

Lifecycles Nutrition – Men and women have specific requirements when it comes to health, and as we grow older our nutrition needs change. In this new course, we will focus on men’s and women’s health, cooking for family members of all ages, pregnancy, and hormone balance.

Cognitive Health –People with Autism, anxiety and depression, and Alzheimer’s disease have specific dietary needs that support cognitive function. This section will look at specific foods that counteract the effects of these conditions and how chefs can support people, families, and caregivers with healthful meals.

Musculoskeletal Health – Part of a healthy body is having healthy joints and muscles. In this section, we will look at how food can support the healing process of people with Rheumatoid Arthritis and joint pain and how athletes can achieve optimal health.

Specialty Diets – We will examine the philosophies and foods of specific diets including GAPS, Paleolithic, Weston A. Price, various elimination diets, and more. We will dive into these diets so that when our graduates are working chefs they can not only cook to fit these modalities but make the best possible recommendations as well.

Cheese Making – Cheese is one of those foods that most people love but many can’t eat. In this course we will include alternative cheeses for vegans and those with milk allergies.

In addition to our new courses, the learning experience will further be enhanced by our new Recipe Platform. Through this online resource, students will be able to search the database for recipes, create categorized shopping lists, and use hyperlinks to websites for purchasing equipment.

We know that in today’s market, chefs need to have a solid foundation in cooking techniques as well as a greater knowledge of how to meet the needs of people with specific health conditions. Bauman College has paved the way to this intersection of understanding so that our Natural Chef graduates enter the field with even more tools necessary to change the world through nutrition.