Everything about the Holistic Chef program at Bauman College prepared me for this work. I learned culinary techniques and foundational recipes, as well as basic nutrition information and how to source high quality ingredients. Additionally, I learned about dietary restrictions, food allergies, and how to cook using substitutions when working with restrictions. Every personal chef client I have had, is looking for a chef with this knowledge. I have found that if someone is choosing a chef over restaurant food or take-out, it is because they either want healthy organic food or have dietary restrictions.

Claire M., Bauman College graduate – Holistic Chef Program

I’m thrilled to be a graduate of Bauman College! I feel equipped to educate and empower others on their journey toward better health!

Nina J., Bauman College Graduate

If you are looking for an inspiring place to learn, create, network, and heal both yourself and those around you, this is the place. You get so much more than just an education. This is a stepping stone for a healthier, more nurturing life. You leave knowing that you just gave yourself one of the greatest gifts you possibly could…do it to better your life and your child’s life. Be part of the change that our world so greatly needs.

Tessa M., Bauman College Graduate

I have just completed the Nutrition Consultant Program through Bauman College. The program was amazing and as an online student, well supported with excellent mentorship. I did my due diligence before I began and researched Bauman College alongside many of the other online programs available. It appeared to be a really robust program and I am so glad I made the decision to study with them. Fantastic, in-depth nutrition coursework, relevant assignments, real client experience, and business fundamentals. This program had everything I expected and more. The best part was the passion, knowledge, and experience of the teachers and mentors. I have already personally put into practice so much of what I have learned and can’t wait to share this knowledge with others. If you are considering Bauman College and are passionate about health and nutrition, I cannot recommend this program highly enough.

Lisa A., Bauman College Graduate

Updating my review to reflect my current career. It has been 5 years since I first attended Bauman and my business is doing very well. I am so grateful for the education I got here, and for the recent grads that I regularly hire. If you choose to go into either program, you will certainly learn a great deal and be ready for a career as a chef or nutritionist. It is up to you to apply that education, and it is a challenge well worth it!

Diane D., Bauman College Graduate

I could not be happier with my holistic nutrition education at Bauman College. The material is outstanding and incredibly thorough, the staff and teachers are all knowledgeable and kind, and the atmosphere and general tone is so supportive and encouraging. Not to sound overly dramatic, but Bauman College has completely transformed my life. I’m so grateful! Thanks for running such an excellent program!

Molly S., Bauman College Graduate

I came into this program having a bachelor’s in nutritional sciences and simply wanted to learn healthy cooking techniques and recipes. I learned a substantial amount about holistic nutrition and therapeutic cooking, and the dishes were creative and packed with flavor. I thought I knew so much about nutrition already, but Bauman College’s Eating for Health® model really made me look at food and health differently. I would recommend this program to anyone passionate about health and looking to learn how to use whole foods as medicine through amazing dishes.

Giovanna G., Bauman College Graduate