Caitlin Fierro
  • Business Name

    Non Toxic Homes

  • Specialties

    Allergies & Intolerances, Autoimmune Disorders, Cancer, Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity, Detox & Cleanse Programs, Digestive Health, General Wellness, Immune Support, Menu Planning Services, Prenatal & Childhood Nutrition, Stress Management, Weight Management, Women's Health

  • Virtual/Remote Services


Hello! I am Caitlin Fierro, Functional Nutrition and Toxin Consultant. My story is long, but the meat and bones of it is I was sick of being sick and wanted to be truly healthy and well. After healing through functional nutrition and holistic medicine in 2014 I never looked back. I spent the last 10 years learning about functional nutrition, environmental toxins, toxins in our food, personal care products, homes, cleaning products and more. I learned that when you remove those toxins you heal. I want to share my wealth of knowledge with my community and my clients, to help them and their families heal.