Robyn Goldberg
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    Probioform (Living liquid probiotic)

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    Allergies & Intolerances, Autoimmune Disorders, Blood Sugar Regulation, Detox & Cleanse Programs, Digestive Health, General Wellness, Immune Support, Mental Health, Prenatal & Childhood Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Stress Management, Vegan, Weight Management

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After experiencing incredible benefits in my own gut health as well as that of my nutrition clients, I’m distributing Probioform living liquid probiotic in the US.

Probioform is made in Europe, and has been at the top of the probiotic market in Scandinavia and Australia for over a decade.  It comes in a bag-in-a-box containing a two-month supply; no refrigeration needed; maintains 100% potency for a year. Due to its living liquid form, it hits the bloodstream quickly and the bacteria start proliferating within 15 mins of consumption (versus probiotic freeze-dried pills/capsules that take 24+ hours to start working in the gut). And Probioform’s pH is 3.7, which allows for the bacteria to survive the stomach acid – something that is not true for freeze-dried bacteria.

Probioform is 100% vegan, raw, gluten free, and has no sugar left in the finished product. It also contains a whole range of minerals and trace minerals that are naturally occurring from the fermentation carrier, raw organic molasses.

Feel free to check out our website at to check out some testimonials and learn more.