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    Allergies & Intolerances, Autoimmune Disorders, Blood Sugar Regulation, Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity, Dairy-Free (Lactose Intolerance), Digestive Health, General Wellness, Immune Support, Mental Health, Menu Planning Services, Raw Foods, Sports Nutrition, Stress Management, Vegan, Women's Health, Other, Specific autoimmune disorder experience, working with lichen sclerosus, psoriasis, others. I have celiac and am very experienced with allergy free recipes and suggestions, and have Crohn's disease in my family, so have experience with that as well.

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I’m a long time professional orchestral and chamber music musician, dancer, yoga practitioner and whole organic foods lover, nutrition consultant. I love supporting clients to live healthier more energized lives through finding their unique path to wellness. I have Celiac disease and Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome (hypermobility type), which can lead to digestive issues and lots of overall pain. I have used food, movement, stress reduction and knowing when to rest, yoga, breathing practices, to help manage my own pain and love supporting others to find what works for them through creating small, manageable steps, reducing inflammation, and living more aligned with and in tune with their bodies. I am especially passionate about supporting clients with mental health conditions through presence, active, attuned listening, helping them feel seen and heard, and also looking at nutrients that support brain health.