Terrelya Hoskins
  • Business Name

    The Farming Nutritionist

  • Specialties

    Blood Sugar Regulation, Cancer, Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity, Cooking Lessons, Dairy-Free (Lactose Intolerance), Digestive Health, Elder Nutrition, General Wellness, Mental Health, Menu Planning Services, Prenatal & Childhood Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Stress Management, Vegan, Weight Management, Women's Health

  • Virtual/Remote Services


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I became very passionate about health and nutrition when I had a health scare that the doctors had no clue what it was or how to figure it out.

I initially attended Bauman College to figure out how to handle my medical situation. Soon into the program, I realized I could help much more than that. Now, I have my own radio show where the platform is health and nutrition, provide one-on-one consultations, meal plans, cooking lessons, and much more!!