Bauman College Grad Dawn Fiacco Connects Holistic Nutrition and Art Therapy

Dawn Fiacco is a graduate of the Nutrition Consultant and Holistic Chef Programs at Bauman College

Dawn Fiacco is a graduate of the Nutrition Consultant Program and Holistic Chef Program at Bauman College. Also, with a master’s degree in clinical art therapy, Dawn is a student at Dominican University of California’s doctoral program in Art Therapy. Her research is focused on understanding eating habits through art.

Curious about the connection holistic nutrition and art therapy? Keep reading to learn more about Dawn and how you can participate in her studies.

Nutrition and the Concept of Food as Medicine

My healing journey developed after someone in my family became ill. I wanted to understand more about nutrition and the concept of food as medicine. I myself have always had my own issues with food, and in particular, sugar. I wanted to blend my knowledge of art therapy with food-related issues.

There was a woman at the Cancer Support Community in Walnut Creek, CA who I would listen to often. She was a Nutrition Consultant and spoke about food and its healing effects. I became fascinated. I wanted to know where she went to college. When I found out she went to Bauman College I researched it and was very impressed. I began taking classes at Bauman College and it changed my life!

Dawn Fiacco | Nutrition Consultant, Holistic Chef and Art Therapist

Research on Art Therapy and Eating Habits

Currently, I am a doctoral student conducting research on art therapy and eating habits. I have always been interested in art, psychology, and nutrition. I believe that they are linked together in a beautiful way. My goal is to incorporate art therapy to increase awareness concerning feeling states that may be causing a person to consume sugar or food in an unhealthy way. I am interested in learning if art therapy will have an effect on specific patterns around problematic eating habits.

My current research focus is specific to investigating the effects of art therapy interventions on self-evaluations of food addiction.

I hope to bridge the cognitive part of oneself (the part that may be aware we have a problem with food) with the emotional part. Or connect the conscious part of us with the unconscious through art to bring about awareness and hopefully through that awareness elicit changed behavior.

Connecting Holistic Nutrition and Art Therapy

I started an online business called, connecting holistic nutrition and art therapy. I do this by gaining clearer insight into eating habits and growing through self-knowledge. I would like to conduct wellness groups around eating habits and use art to take a deeper look into these habits. I am also in the process of conducting a study on this very subject for my doctoral research.

Bauman College has helped me to have the work I love by preparing me to be successful at what I do. Because of Bauman College, I can say that I truly have enjoyment and passion in what I do every day. If you are interested in attending Bauman College, do not wait! Your future is today! Just do it! You will not regret it!

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