Bauman Graduate and Adjunct Faculty Member Featured in Huffington Post for Planting a Forest of Urban Trees

We were pleased, and proud to see one of our graduates, and adjunct faculty member, Helge Hellberg featured in the Huffington Post yesterday.  With about 15.6 million page views per weekday, a highlight in the Huffington Post is an exceptional compliment, and a wonderful recognition of a career well done. Helge spent 8 years as

The New “Image” of High Fructose Corn Syrup

In recent years much attention has been paid to the ills of High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Over the last several decades food producers have been adding more and more of this cheap and poor quality sweetener to all types of products from bread, to dairy products, to pickles, to breakfast cereals, to soups, and the

Once Our Most Alluring Fruit

In his book, How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit, Barry Estabrook explores the ills of modern commercial agriculture with a focus on the beloved tomato. He leads us through the sorrowful journey the tomato has taken, with the advent of modern agricultural practices the tomato has seen ever increasing mono-cropping, genetic modification,

When an Egg Isn’t Just an Egg

We make dozens of choices each and every day regarding the health of our environment, the vitality of our bodies, and the wellness of our communities. These choices are reflected in the cars we drive, the clothing we wear, and the foods we consume. We choose with our dollars by shopping at local markets that

Food Freedom – Nourishing Raw Milk

Check out this beautifully crafted letter written by Natural Chef Lisa Virtue discussing the nourishing qualities of raw milk and the legal issues involved. My name is Lisa, I’m a Bauman alumni, having graduated from the Natural Chef program in 2010.  I am living in Vancouver Canada, and have discovered an amazing cow share where

The Environmental Working Group

Check out this short piece from the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit, non-partisan research organization dedicated to using the power of information to protect human health and the environment.  Bauman College supports the Environmental Working Group in their efforts to better support small and mid-sized farms, promote food safety and improve health.  Read below to

The California Ballot Initiative: Standing Up to Monsanto

Check out this information below about mandatory GMO labeling in California.  Bauman College has been following the news on mandatory GMO labeling.  Below is some information on the initiative we thought you would be interested in. Photo from:  Organic Consumer Association Standing Up to Monsanto “A growing corps of organic food and health activists in

Comparing Foods: Slow vs. Fast

We all know that when we compare fast foods and whole, quality slow foods, the slow foods can far exceed fast foods in nutritional value and sustainable impact. Plus, as inexpensive as fast food can be, slow whole foods can be even more affordable. Take a look at this interesting visual comparison by the New