Americans Eat More Than Their Body Weight in GMOs Every Year

Written by Ethan A. Huff Source: (NaturalNews) The consumer advocacy organization Environmental Working Group (EWG) has put out a new paper that estimates the average person’s yearly consumption of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). And based on the figures, which EWG admits are very likely understated, the average person consumes more than their own body weight’s worth of GMOs every Read More

Organic Foods One More Time

Jon Barron, a Bauman College adjunct faculty member, explores an Annals of Internal Medicine publication that suggests organic foods are not substantially different in nutrition than non-organic foods. Organic Foods One More Time October 1, 2012 Jon Barron, Adjunct Faculty, Bauman College © 2012, Natural Health Newsletter, The Baseline of Health Foundation Earlier this month, the Annals of Internal Medicine published a Read More

Stop Monsanto’s Sneak Attack on Organic + Non-GMO Farmers

Below is a call to action to Stop Monsanto’s Sneak Attack on Organic & Non-GMO Farmers! Tell Congress to Strike Sec. 733 from Agriculture Appropriations Bill A vote on an amendment offered by Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) to strike Monsanto’s rider from the appropriations bill was expected this week, but will likely be delayed until Read More

Dr. Bauman Discusses National Wellness in the Newest Edition of Nexus Magazine

Click on the link below to find an interview with Dr. Bauman by Nexus publisher Ravi Dykema about cultural influences that have affected our nutrition, how building community can improve our health, and the future of food and eating. Here’s an excerpt: “RD: Magazines and newspapers are filled with studies and stories about the obesity Read More

Bauman Graduate and Adjunct Faculty Member Featured in Huffington Post for Planting a Forest of Urban Trees

We were pleased, and proud to see one of our graduates, and adjunct faculty member, Helge Hellberg featured in the Huffington Post yesterday.  With about 15.6 million page views per weekday, a highlight in the Huffington Post is an exceptional compliment, and a wonderful recognition of a career well done. Helge spent 8 years as Read More