Choose Heirloom

  75% of the world’s food comes from just 12 plant and 5 animal species. Standardization of the world’s food has terrible implications for our diets, for the agricultural industry and for the earth. By minimizing the number of foods we eat we are minimizing the number of nutrients available to us. The current agricultural Read More

Food Freedom – Nourishing Raw Milk

Check out this beautifully crafted letter written by Natural Chef Lisa Virtue discussing the nourishing qualities of raw milk and the legal issues involved. My name is Lisa, I’m a Bauman alumni, having graduated from the Natural Chef program in 2010.  I am living in Vancouver Canada, and have discovered an amazing cow share where Read More

Not your grandma’s milk

Check out one of our grads! Kristin Wartman, a Bauman College graduate, and talented food-writer enlightens audiences with the unknown facts about the commercial milk industry.  Check out the article below. Not Your Grandma’s Milk Kristin Wartman, NE Photo: Travis S. Milk is truly one of the oldest, simplest whole foods – and we certainly Read More

Low-CARBON Craze

Move over low-carb craze, the new trend is low-carbon! Reducing our individual carbon foot-print, by steering clear of excess packaging, processed foods, and those from places far away, is a trend that seem to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. Instead of a focus on shrinking your waistline now the media’s a-buzz Read More

What ARE Genetically Modified Fish Anyway?

We’ve been reading a lot about the increasing attention that genetically modified foods are getting. Everything from produce, to meat, to seafood are all being genetically engineered for quicker, bigger, longer-lasting ‘products’. This may work well for cost-conscious food producers but, for consumers, there remains many unresolved concerns about the ethical, environmental and health related Read More

America’s Drinking Problem

By Jodi Friedlander, N.C. and Edward Bauman, M.Ed, Ph.D. Filthy water cannot be washed. ~African Proverb My fellow Americans, we have a problem, a drinking problem – but rather than getting high as a result, we’re sometimes getting sick. Sometimes we’re even getting conned. Turn on your kitchen water faucet, or purchase a leading brand Read More