Culinary Careers Panel


Natural Chef students have a unique ability to change the world through nutrition throughout various employment sectors including hospitality, nonprofit, corporate & residential dining, catering & food production companies, schools, resorts, spas, and health clubs. Students may choose to work directly for a company or organization or become a food entrepreneur and start up their own food business, be a culinary author, educator, speaker, and more.

At our most recent culinary careers panel, we had some amazing chefs speak to our students. Here are some words of wisdom they shared:

Seek out your passion. If you didn’t have to work, what would you be doing? Find a way to weave that into a career! It may not be easy or obvious, but treat it as a treasure hunt. When you find something that interests you, contact others in that field and ask to meet with them. You never know who might say yes and what experiences may come from a good lead!

Elizabeth Eckert, Bauman College Natural Chef Graduate and owner of West Marin Food and Farm Tours

The world of culinary and nutrition opportunity begins with your creative imagination while not allowing anything to hinder your passionate ideas. Allow yourself to be moldable and take every chance to learn a new ingredient, technique and idea that will progress you in area that excites you. Two things will take you very far in life; hard work and a positive attitude.

Donnie Thompson, Executive Chef, Asana, Inc.

Get your practical experience in the kitchen or working with someone who is doing what you think you want to be doing. Learn from anyone who is willing to teach you; you will be able to see later how it shapes your career.

Alice Tu, Tech Chef, Elevateapp

Find your niche in the food world.  Think about how you can make a valuable contribution.   Then you will find work that has meaning and sustainability.

Rebecca Katz, Cookbook Author and Director of The Healing Kitchens Institute at Commonweal

As the world becomes more health conscious, the demand for natural chefs grows. Whatever career path you may choose, Bauman College is here to support your success and help you take your career to the next level!