Announcing the Donna Kellogg Scholarship Winners!

Donna Kellogg quote

The Donna Kellogg Scholarship was established in memory of Nutrition Consultant student, Donna Kellogg, who passed away in the Oakland Ghost Ship fire on December 2, 2016. Three $3,300 scholarships have been awarded for the Nutrition Consultant Training Program to the following individuals who intend to use their education to develop or support programs which focus on rehabilitation, recovery, and/or education for marginalized and/or at-risk populations.

Congratulations scholarship winners! We wish you the best of luck on your nutrition journey!

Hannah ChoeHannah Choe

Hannah has extensive volunteer experience working with the underserved communities in her local area during her undergraduate years. Through her work serving lunches to homeless people and teaching elementary-aged children as a Youth Nutrition Intern, she gained a passion for teaching others how to be well and restore their health. Although she has an undergraduate degree in Nutrition Sciences, she discovered through personal experience the need to delve deeper into the healing properties of food, researching methods to heal the body holistically. This path has brought her to Bauman College and an education that will allow her to serve others more deeply.

Maya DrexlerMaya Drexler

Maya spent much of her youth working with community health programs and is passionate about supporting and nurturing underserved communities. Her goal is to use her holistic nutrition education from Bauman College to make healthy, delicious food that is affordable and accessible to communities in need. Maya hopes to create a food truck experience that focuses on healing the body through delicious food and to continue her work with local youth programs to provide free cooking and nutrition lessons.

Lia Klugman

Lia Klugman

Lia currently works at an acupuncture clinic and has been greatly influenced by the veterans that she meets there. She aspires to create programs to help veterans develop mindful eating practices and learn about the importance of nutrition after their services, specifically for those experiencing war-related mental health conditions. She has already embarked on creating low-cost, nutrient-dense meal plans which support and empower vets to have agency in their own healing.