Eating Healthy During the Holidays


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We enjoy holiday temptation as much as anyone. After all, indulgence in moderation is a beautiful part of life. However, it’s all about balance, and no matter what you’re celebrating this month, you can eat those tasty treats while staying on track with your health goals. Below are our top tips to enjoy richer foods this season without overdoing it. If you are:

Attending Holiday Parties Between Meals

A 3pm or 6pm appetizer party can cause you to eat when you’re not hungry or overeat because you’re too hungry. Following these three steps can help:

1. Eat an apple before the party

  • Apples are high in pectin and fiber to help you feel full and slow your body’s absorption of sugar
  • Studies suggest you’ll eat 15% fewer calories afterward

2. Stick to the napkin or small plate near the appetizer table

  • Agree that you will only load it once
  • This allows you to participate in the festivities without overindulging

3. Choose vegetables

  • Fill 50% of your plate with vegetables or alternate with raw vegetables after each piece of rich finger food
  • The high fiber and water content of vegetables will help you feel satiated sooner

Eating a Huge Dinner

We tend to overindulge on carbohydrates and fat at holiday meals. Here is the #1 step to preparing for the “big event”:

Eat protein and vegetables at 2-hour intervals throughout the day leading up to dinner.

  • These foods satiate you so you make better choices during the day
  • Steady, balanced eating gets your metabolism going so you can best utilize the calories consumed at dinner

Doing a Lot of Baking (or just eating a lot of baked goods)

It is hard to say no to sweet treats. Here’s a tip to help your system deal with all the sugar:

Eat more complex carbohydrates in your day with whole grains and fruit.

  • This elevates your natural blood sugar to safe levels so you don’t shock your system with too many refined sugars

Spending Much of the Day Sitting Indoors

Include a physical component to your holiday to burn calories and help overall metabolism:

  • Take a long walk with the family before or after mealtime
  • Build a snowman
  • Play an outdoor game or sport
  • Play an indoor game or sport, like living room twister
  • Make time to stretch or lead the family through some gentle yoga

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy time, and food, with family and friends. If you happen to overdo it, don’t be hard on yourself. Stay positive because you can always get back on track. We hope you have happy, healthy, and delicious holidays this year!

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