Natural Chef Culinary Externship

Natural chef students at Bauman College get hands-on practical experience with their culinary externship experience

Real-World Culinary Experience

As part of the training in the Natural Chef Program at Bauman College, our students gain hands-on experience in a professional setting through our required culinary externship. Students have the opportunity to work with personal or private chefs or in venues such as restaurants, food production companies, resorts, corporate and residential dining facilities, nonprofit organizations, catering companies, and other food service programs.

This experience provides a learning opportunity outside of the classroom that builds core competencies and instills confidence in students while also benefiting individual professionals and organizations. It also facilitates community relationships and is an opportunity for students to make connections in the field.

This opportunity allows students to gain a variety of experiences to determine which areas they would like to specialize in. Externships can sometimes transition into job opportunities, providing skilled and trained natural chefs for employers.

Culinary Externship Guidelines

  • A minimum of 50 hours must be completed
  • Not all 50 hours have to be completed with the same business
  • Externships must be completed within six weeks of the final class date
  • Externships must be unpaid
  • Students must be working directly with food
  • Students must have an on-site supervisor to provide adequate feedback by filling out the student’s Culinary Externship Completion Form and Culinary Externship Evaluation Form
  • Students will be evaluated based on:
    • Quality and quantity of work
    • Use of time
    • Communication
    • Basic knowledge of culinary skills and nutrition information
    • Interpersonal relations and teamwork
    • Dependability (punctuality and attendance)

Request a Chef Extern

To request a chef extern, please fill out this form.

To inquire about the culinary externship, please send an email to the culinary support manager, Cheyenne Wright, at

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