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Author Topic: Why China's Health Official Ought to Fired over Hubei's Tainted Milk  (Read 1461 times)

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My Apologies....the headline should read "Why China's Health Official Ought to Be Fired Re-Investigate Hubei's Tainted Milk Issue" instead.

China's health official simply said: "Breast swellings in baby girls are a common occurrence!"  Common occurrence???  Who are they trying to kid?

Did they (China) NOT find out that raw material - supplied via Fonterra Coop Group - was used in the milk was of genetically modified organism?? No?

Did they not do more individual tests on the raw material?  No?

Growth Hormones not added to milk does not necessarily mean the cows weren't given growth hormones.  And moreover there are a thousand and one genes in cows' milk that can be genetically altered.

Will the rest of the world will see more of such GMO foods on supermarket shelves?  And they will not announce nor label such foods?  How are WE to protect ourselves and future generations if such information 0 which we have the right to know about, are kept from us?

Amplify’d from

    China: No link between milk powder and infant breast growth

    Thirteen-month-old Xiaoying with her mother in Beijing on August 9, 2010 after being diagnosed with premature breast growth.

    (CNN) -- China's health ministry said a clinical investigation has found no evidence that milk powder made by a Chinese company caused three infant girls to grow breasts, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency.

    The health ministry launched an investigation in Hubei province after claims that milk powder led to premature sexual development in infant girls.

    Ministry spokesman Deng Haihua said Sunday the hormone content of the powder was within normal limits, Xinhua reported.Read more at