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 Robin Carol Holland
Catalyst, Consultant, Coach
“Working with Robin was a complete game changer. It’s been a long time since
 I truly believed in my own potential and creative power. Our meeting
started me on a new path of possibility.” - Rachel Silver, Santa Cruz, CA
●             Have you felt the pain of knowing there is so much greatness inside you, but you can’t access it? Can you feel inside there is more there, if you dare to look?
●             Have you had these flashes and glimpses of your genius and talent, but then asked yourself who you were kidding, you must have made that up?
●             Have you felt confused, have you ever wished there was someone who could see your brilliance and partner with you to put it out into the world?
●             Would you be relieved to know there’s a path through to the other side?
●             Would you be thrilled to know you could actually shine that greatness forth into the world?
●             How would it feel to be making your brightest impact, to experience the joy of that reverberating back to you, of the world giving you that feedback?
We are all artists, creators...
My artistry is to see the seed of
your genius.
Even when it is hidden.
Brilliant, beautiful you.
I show you what I see.
Who I see.
We nurture the seeds,
and cultivate the garden...
And we co-pilot
and co-navigate to where…
You are in full bloom, cultivating and sharing the fullness of You
Shining it out to all the World…
When I was little, my dad was the center of my world, and I was at the center of his joy. Who knows why, but early on, dad’s joy got choked off. I felt it, and I clamped up, too. I wanted that free and happy dad back! This early experience birthed my lifelong passion for seeing people for who they really are under their protective wraps and inspiring them to share their true selves.
As a child, I also loved making up shows with my best friend Julie who lived a few houses down the street. We would jump on the beds, singing and dancing and fooling around and having so much fun.
And then at some point, I simply stopped. I stopped singing! I stopped sharing myself. I started hiding who I actually was.
I learned through my life, especially with my dad, that there is deep profound beauty in us all. But where is the path through to fully expressing all of what’s in us? My gift is to help you access your greatness, to hone, harness and offer it to the world. To feel the weightlessness, the joy, the power of this.
I work best with people who:
●             Sense there's something locked up in there and they want to get it out, they want access to their full expression.
●             Are sensitive to, conscious of natural and created beauty - who want access, to really feel their own inner beauty.
●             Are ready to unwaveringly develop an expression of it in the world.
●             Are willing to go on the journey and be in the process. They're willing to work, to put the shovel in the ground...there might be trepidation, but they’re going to do it, it’s time.
●             Have a big expansive ability, a big capacity - like having a giant set of lungs to sing with. They want an expanded, unbridled expression. They want to feel like they are able to sing with full lungs or fully express themselves in their specific realm. They have a lot inside and they want to get it up and out...
If you work with me, you can count on me to:
●             See you for who you truly are. I can't help but see your genius!
●             Deeply connect with the person you are inside that has been hiding.
●             Be a stand for your greatness. I will stand with you while you get your sea-legs to stand fully in all that you are.
My intentions for you:
●             I will bring a creative approach to building your unique expression. Whatever you want to build, whatever product you want to author, we will co-create that. It can be a first-time experimental project, a new product or business, or something totally unique!
●             We have fun in this process of discovering and developing your brilliance! It’s weightless and it’s powerful. It’s easy, light and fun, doing this kind of new & transformative work.
●             You’ll see real-world results with the people who surround you - your market, your friends, your family, the world. You’ll feel the joy of creating your own “on the ground” results. Your deeply revered cause, project, company or nation will get the best you have to offer. You’ll know yourself more lovingly than you ever thought possible!
Happy People
“Robin sees and relentlessly holds as a continual reference point for me my true & joyful identity. Robin catalyzes, jumpstarts and unlocks creativity, she is a creative powerhouse and powerful catalyst for people seeking to grow and explode into their lives, their creativity, their businesses.” - Patty Staco, Empowerment Expert, New York, NY.
“Of all the coaches and consultants I have talked with, you are the only one who really helped me so much. You ask the right questions. I changed my whole way of thinking by being with you, the way I relate to my parents, my life, my work. The whole thing!” - JW, Insurance Broker, San Francisco, CA.
“Robin's brilliant creative problem-solving abilities and positive dynamism have consistently pushed me through to achieve my highest aspirations. My goal was to move my business to Europe....and I'm now working in Amsterdam. Robin has a rare ability to synthesize the big vision and help focus on the best next steps to reach your goals. Her passionate support and belief in me and my goals is extraordinary. You'll count yourself very fortunate to have her for your coach and business strategist.”- Beth Susanne, Pitch Coach, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Imagine how it would feel to have real world feedback
reflecting back your own true personal awesomeness and contribution!
For a free consultation, call Robin
at 415-342-5546 or email
dance as though no one is watching you,
love as though you have never been hurt before,
sing as though no one can hear you,
live as though heaven is on earth...-souza