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Re: Nutritional yeast
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A little bit more about yeast.....

Back in the seventies it was very popular. My college smelled of it and raw garlic among other things. It took me years to develop a taste for it. But I'm very stress-y and wanted the B's. Finally I made an orange juice and plain yogurt lassi and blended in b. yeast and sometimes wheat bran and wheat germ and that's how I got it down. Now I like it in smoothies. Just use a little.

Then came nutritional yeast which was so gross in the seventies. Now it's divine. Flakey and toasty and yeasty which I miss since I'm not eating bread at the moment.

Here's my rule: Brewer's yeast in sweet, smoothie type things (think bananas, frozen fruit, yogurt, whey protein powder, etc) and Nutritional yeast on savory things like quinoa, brown rice, steamed veggies, salad, pizza, popcorn, thick soups.

I'm still experimenting. I think it's OK to not like things. Don't force yourself. There are other ways to get the nutrition.....