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Author Topic: Vegan Carrot Cashew Soup by Hania ONeill Garcia  (Read 4302 times)

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Vegan Carrot Cashew Soup by Hania ONeill Garcia
« on: November 29, 2018, 09:12:41 PM »
Hania ONeill Garcia
November 29, 2018
1 lb carrots/large chunks/1/2 steamer tray/steam 25 min. 8 cups stock
2 cups sweet potatoes/ lg chunks/steamed 25 min
2 tsp minced ginger
1/4 cup fresh basil (optional garnish) 1⁄2 cup leek-finely sliced/ sauté
1 cup celery-finely sliced/ sauté
4 cups spinach; fine chop
2 cups cashew pieces (toasted 8-10 min) salt
black pepper
red pepper flakes cayenne safflower oil Directions
Carrot Cashew Soup
1. Steam carrots and sweet potatoes until they are very soft-25 minutes
2. Bring to boil soup stock
3. Meanwhile, sauté 1 Tbsp oil, ginger with pepper, red pepper flakes, & cayenne-set aside
4. Saute leek and celery with1 Tbsp oil-set aside
5. Using a vita blender in each batch-puree 2 c carrots, 4-5 c hot water/stock, and blend until smooth-repeat with sweet potatoes and cashews
6. Add smooth blend to your main pot, add any needed stock, salt; stir and turn on lowest flame (keep on double burner)
7. stir in ginger, leek, celery sauté- 20 minutes before serving-
8. Add spinach 5 minutes before serving
hint #1: (keep batches small with lots of liquid for easy blending)
hint #2: use a small bowl over the top of blender to protect your hand!) hint #3: stir every few minutes with whisk
hint #5: consistency shouldn’t be too thick