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Author Topic: Spring alert! Home Gardeners: What are you favorite seed companies?  (Read 515 times)

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The beginning of March marks the point where Iím usually fed up with a cold Northern winter and ready to start thinking about spring, which means itís also time to start planning my home garden and create a time table for starting seedlings. A friend recently shared with me a great resource highlighting small seed companies that havenít come under the control of the seed giant Monsanto.

Iíve had excellent experiences in the past purchasing seeds from some of these fantastic companies mentioned in the article. Many of these smaller companies highlight varietals best suited for your specific climate and growing location:
Johnnyís Selected Seeds:
Seed Saverís Exchange:

Remember, if youíre not growing food at home yet, even the smallest spaces can be converted into home gardens using containers or raised beds, and if youíre lucky enough to have a backyard or flower bed, there is no excuse not to start some edibles. Besides being as local as you can get, jam-packed with freshness (who can deny the mind-blowing goodness of a true, fresh garden tomato?) and seasonal in the best possible way, cultivating plants at home and watching them grow puts you in touch with the cycles of life and grounds you to the Earth in a really powerful way, not to mention boosting your nutrition while saving some money on your food budget. 

What are some of your favorite seed companies out there? Is anyone already starting some seedlings at home?