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Author Topic: Best foods for Colon Cancer  (Read 420 times)

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Best foods for Colon Cancer
« on: March 04, 2019, 02:01:33 PM »
Hi All,

My 42 year old brother has colon cancer.  He was diagnosed with stage 4 over a year ago and has since undergone at least three rounds of chemo, had a colostomy, and now has lesions showing up in his lungs.  His doctors have told him that he will be on a pill form of chemo for the rest of his life. 

When he was first diagnosed I advised him to start juicing organic greens and recommend him the book The pH Miracle by Robert O. Young, PhD and Shelley Redford Young to alkalize his body.  Apparently his doctors were not as keen on this approach and recommended that he stick to soft foods like potatoes and beans. 

I have done some research online and am finding conflicting information regarding the best diet for one battling colon cancer with a colostomy.  Based off of what I am learning in the Foundations of Nutrition program, I would recommend foods rich in carotenes such as carrots, winter squash, sweet potato, as well as dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and chard for their nutrient dense antioxidants, garlic and onions and sea vegetables for their "protection against electromagnetic radiation and chemical and metal toxicity" - Bauman, E. & Friedlander, N.C. (2017) Foundations Of Nutrition Textbook

I am wondering if whole grains and fruit should be incorporated into his diet too for fiber?


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Re: Best foods for Colon Cancer
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2019, 10:38:03 AM »
Hi Emily,
I would not add fiber in the form of whole grains due to his diet because of the colonostomy. Fruit may help him, especially berries, but he really doesnt need more fiber since his colon is not part of the equation anymore. Liposomal vitamin C can be used to reduce the side effects of the chemo without reducing its effectiveness according to Dr Thomas Levy's extensive research. Healthy fats, in the form of ghee and coconut oil, can help with energy and can soothe the gut. Grass fed ghee also  provides vitamins A, D3, K2 and E to help immunity. Bone broth and gelatin may also help support liver detox and immune health. You may want to read Rebecca Katz' book "The Cancer Fighting Kitchen" for more recipe ideas and info on what to eat. We wish you and him well.
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Re: Best foods for Colon Cancer
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Thank you so much Laura.  That is all incredibly helpful information.