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Cauliflower Greens
« on: May 31, 2019, 08:16:51 AM »
HI my name is Sharon Jones, I am so excited to finally be studying nutrition from a holistic approach. There is so much information out there, some say one thing and others say something different, it can become confusing.  It will be nice to discuss and learn from like minded people.
I have a question:  Does anyone have a good recipe for cauliflower greens?
I have a funny story to share from many years ago.  I am originally form  a big city, and i moved to a small country city that grows many different varieties of vegetables.  When i seen this as i rode around the city, i thought this is great I never have to buy vegetables again.... one day as i was riding around exploring the city i spotted what i thought were collard greens, it was new years eve and i always cook them that night., so i pulled over not knowing that i was not allowed to pick them and i picked soooo many, i cooked them just as i normally do, everyone who tasted them exclaimed how Delicious they were (thinking they were collard greens)   I learned much later that collard greens are not the tops of cauliflower  (lol i reasoned that like stores throw away the greens from turnips they were doing the same with the greens from cauliflower) so if anyone did not know you can eat these greens  and they are very tasty.

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Re: Cauliflower Greens
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Re: Cauliflower Greens
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Cauliflower and collards are so closely related there is no reason they can't be prepared the same way as you discovered. Sometimes farmer's markets have cauliflower or broccoli greens they will give away, and of course you can grow your own fairly easily.  Just stay out of those farmers fields unless it is a u-pick farm. ;-) Enjoy.
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