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Author Topic: Eggplant- Buckwheat Patties  (Read 2265 times)

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Eggplant- Buckwheat Patties
« on: January 02, 2008, 09:01:41 AM »
I am normally not a big fan of buckwheat but, I have to   admit, these

patties are pretty tasty and gluten free.


Eggplant-Buckwheat Patties

1 medium organic eggplant, peeled and cubed (about 21/2 c.)
2 cloves organic garlic, minced
Juice from 1 small organic lemon and the rind grated
2 TB. organic extra virgin olive oil
1 organic onion, minced
2 c. organic buckwheat groats, cooked
2 TB. organic celery leaves, minced
1TB. organic parsley
3 TB. buckwheat flour
a little oil for cooking

Steam the eggplant until tender.  Toss cooked eggplant with the garlic, lemon juice, rind and olive oil.  Allow the eggplant to marinate for 1 hour.  Place eggplant in the blender with the liquid and blend until smooth.  Place the remaining ingredients in a bowl and mix.  Stir the eggplant mixture.  Form into 18 patties.  Heat a small amount of oil and cook the patties until golden, turning over once.  Serve hot.  Makes 18 patties. 

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Re: Eggplant- Buckwheat Patties
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2008, 10:58:24 AM »
Sounds fabulous. Can't wait to try them. Will let you know how they turn out...
Thank you!