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Chef Program Materials
« on: January 20, 2010, 08:57:14 AM »
I see there is now a requirement for an online nutrition analysis tool for the Chef Program, and that this cost is estimated at $25.  If the BC-NAT is being phased out and unavailable, what are the suggestions for this purchase?  The only one I was familiar with is ESHA and that is hundreds of dollars.  Maybe $600.

Is it suggested to do an online version as opposed to a CD-ROM based program?

What online nutritional analysis programs will the Chef program be suggesting/recommending?
I'd like to purchase and install anything before I make the move to CA for the program.  Thanks!

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Re: Chef Program Materials
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2010, 12:07:15 PM »
Hi Kristin, we have not yet made a final decision on the software we will be using, but really any system that provides a nutritional analysis of entered recipes, allowing appropriate ingredient search and quantities, should be ok for completing your homework. We do generally recommend online systems for this purpose because they are cross-platform (no Mac vs. PC issues) and accessible from anywhere, however you can also choose an appropriate desktop software product for your particular computer platform.

That being said, we will be providing training for only one solution once it is selected. The curriculum will reflect our recommendation of software, and specific instruction will be provided for working with it. Currently we are looking at a product from McGraw-Hill called NutritionCalc Plus, which is $25 for 13 months of access:

We expect to finalize the decision on our new software within the next couple weeks at which time we'll issue a formal notification. We will be providing curriculum for the new software with the Spring classes.

I hope that helps.

- Oshyan