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Author Topic: Want to host a teleseminar for clients?  (Read 1578 times)

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Want to host a teleseminar for clients?
« on: February 17, 2010, 12:34:59 PM »
Chocolate is a hot topic in February. Interested in offering a teleseminar to your clients on everyone's favorite subject? Want to be a superstar and teach them to actually make their OWN super healthy superfood raw chocolate during a teleseminar or hands on workshop?   

I am offering up my own complete teleseminar script: The Health Benefits of Chocolate Demystified: Simple Steps to Healthy and Delicious Homemade Chocolate.

Use this word for word script to increase your list, and offer clients and prospective clients a fascinating and informational workshop on the health benefits of chocolate, as well as teaching them how to make their own healthy raw chocolate in their own kitchen!

This script is for your clients if they are:
Interested in learning more about chocolate
Would like to know if their favorite kind of chocolate is healthy
Want information about the TRUE health benefits in certain types of chocolate
Are wondering who shouldn’t eat chocolate
Just interested in learning how to make raw chocolate in their own kitchens for themselves, family and friends

If any or all of those are the case for your clients, then you’re in the right place because with this script you'll be sharing with them:
§ The secrets to finding and eating healthy chocolate
§ Which types of chocolate should be avoided
§ Whether chocolate can be part of a healthy diet
§ How to make the healthiest and most delicious homemade chocolate anytime they want

Turn this script into a hands on cooking class if you like! Use it to sell your recipe book, or to attract new leads for clients. Chocolate is EVERYONE's favorite subject, right? So cash in on it!

Super unbelievable and beyond reasonable price even includes a FREE 12 page eBook filled with healthy chocolate recipes to send to clients after your workshop as a handout and follow up.  (Include an invitation for a consultation!)

Grab this script now!   National Chocolate Week is March 16th to the 20th, and then Easter is right around the corner! 

Click here to grab this script: