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Author Topic: The value of education  (Read 5101 times)

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The value of education
« on: March 14, 2007, 09:55:17 PM »
I desire to become a skilled chef with a certification in nutrition to combine these into a personal service. But recently I've learned about other culinary nutrition courses that provide what might be called a more mainstream or industry standard certification.

So I'm would like to know how the certifications (of Natural Chef, and Nutritional Consultant)I might get at Bauman college would prepare me for entry into this field, over another similar coarse at a 'more mainstream' institute. Basically, why would an organization choose to hire me (with a certificate from Bauman College) over someone else with a certificate or degree from a traditional college of culinary arts and nutrition?

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Re: The value of education
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2007, 01:44:10 PM »
Hello there,

Thank you for your question.  Bauman College has been providing cutting-edge holistic nutrition certification courses since 1989.  We have been offering our Natural Chef course since 1996.

In order to earn your certification in any one of our courses, you will have undertaken a comprehensive curriculum through our training and displayed your competency of the material in a myriad of homework assignments.  For future employers that are not familiar with the Bauman College curriculum or our graduates, you will have a portfolio of work to share at your employment interview and should be very confident in your abilities to display the depth of your knowledge.  (Of course, the ability to translate the curriculum into personal knowledge lies within your personal abilities and skills.  Bauman College provides excellent curriculum and tools, however, a student's innate abilities is the final determination of how those skills will play out.) Because of our excellent reputation and longstanding training programs, Bauman College is becoming more and more recognized by potential employers as a source for well-trained employees in the field of holistic nutrition and culinary arts.

A future employer who chooses you over a more "mainstream" candidate is doing so because they value a practitioner or chef who has a background in individualized nutrition and diet planning or a knowledge of holistic/therapeutic whole food preparation.  Although in the past, these employers were mostly of the "alternative" sector, we now see these requests and hirings coming from more mainstream practitioners, companies, and service providers.  An example of this is that Kaiser Permanente is encouraging our grads to  apply for their Health Educator, Health Coach and Clinical Health Educator positions available throughout California. An East Bay Kaiser hospital has also asked a graduate of ours to lead classes in nutrition for their doctors.  Our Nutrition Educator and Consultant grads are integrated into the medical community both on their own as MD referrals or working in the office with primary care practitioners including MD's, DC's, L.Ac.'s and dentists to name a few.  Grads are working with nutraceutical companies, at cancer care clinics, weight loss centers, and in recovery and addiction programs to name a few.  Natural Chef grads are working as Personal Chefs, Caterers, and in resteraunts around the country and abroad.

At no other time in recent history is the need for well-trained holistic nutritionists and chefs as evident as today.  Bauman College is providing thorough training for individuals to attain their holistic nutrition related goals.   Please see the min-syllabus of the curriculum below.

For the Nutrition Educator and Nutrition Consultant Mini-syllabus:

For the Natural Chef Mini-syllabus:

I hope this answers your question.  Please let me know if you have futher questions.  You can also call me to discuss this further if you would like.  I am available at 800-987-7530.
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