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Title: Where has all our calcium gone? Remineralize bone the wholefoods way!
Post by: blujay on June 05, 2010, 12:47:13 PM
This is so exciting...I just happened to stumble upon this discovery while experimenting with molecular gastronomy.

Remember the middle school science experiment of dissolving an eggshell in an acidic substance (vinegar)? There is some compelling evidence that this also has some amazing nutritional benefits when consumed (the vinegar).

Quick overview:
The minerals (alkaline) in the eggshell which are biologically formed in the chicken (more bio-identical than coral/mineral deposit sources) are dissolved in Applecider vinegar and consumed with the whole egg and probiotics for maximum mineral absorption. The calcium in solution is now Calcium Acetate and when coupled with the many other minerals and hormone factors in the eggshells, the acidic vinegar, additional Lacto-bacteria and the egg yolk and whites make for high bio-availability of the minerals and has been conclusively shown to re-mineralize bone.

"Use of the ESP (eggshell powder)resulted in decreased pain and increased bone mineral density (BMD)"

So try this simple technique at home:

-Save all of your egg shells (highest nutritional density from PASTURED CHICKEN EGGS), collect and store them in the freezer until sufficient amount for processing (2-3 dozen egg shells per quart of Applecider vinegar).

-Put shells in a glass jar and crush with wooden spoon and cover with Applecider Vinegar (ACV)

-Allow to dissolve for 2 days in a warm/room temp environment. If egg shells don't completely dissolve then strain remaining shells and cover with fresh ACV and repeat.

-Use infused vinegar as half the acid in a food preparations (ie 2T infused ACV, 2T plain ACV). Consume this with other egg preparations and probiotics for maximum effect.

BMD Breakfast: Poached eggs with braised mushrooms and greens and Super mineral herbal vinaigrette

1 clove garlic crushed
1t mustard
1T minced herbs (rosemary, sage, parsley, etc...)
1/2 avocado
2T eggshell infused ACV
2T regular ACV
2T Lacto-bacteria starter (ie, yogurt/kefir whey, kraut juice)
Sea salt and pepper to taste
Filtered water to desired consistency

1/4 cup mushrooms, rough chopped  (any will do, try shiitaki or oyster)
1/4 cup Bone stock or mineral broth
1/2 bunch winter greens, cut in ribbons (try Dino Kale)
2t clarified butter or coconut oil

2 Pastured Eggs (save the shells for future vinegar infusions)
1 T ACV (for poaching water)

Whisk or blend vinaigrette ingredients and allow to sit 30min-overnight to meld flavors.

Wet saute mushrooms with stock until tender, add greens, cover and braise until greens are tender and yet still vibrant green (5-8min). Remove cover and reduce liquid by half by evaporation. Turn off heat and add oil. Cool and toss will a few T of dressing.

Poach eggs to tender firm in simmering water with ACV to just cover the whites, leave yolks exposed.

Layer Poached eggs over braised greens and top with more dressing and cracked pepper, serve warm.

Mind your minerals!
Chef Jay

Title: Re: Where has all our calcium gone? Remineralize bone the wholefoods way!
Post by: blujay on June 07, 2010, 03:59:17 AM
Researching more about this...the form of calcium in solution is Calcium Acetate. This form has some novel uses and some possible negative effects. It seems that the most recommended/bio-available form of calcium is Calcium Citrate (is that correct?). But calcium acetate is right up there. h

A drug that is mostly calcium acetate is used to manage renal failure patients or folks with elevated phosphorus in their blood.

Check out this article from the Linus Pauling Institute on Phosphorus...there is some interesting correlations to high phosphorus and fructose dietary intake, mineral deficiency, hormone imbalance, bone loss and vitamin D deficiency...sounds like a perfect storm for some major disorders like cancer...

Just like most minerals the right balance is whats important, so not to much, but consistently...

Additionally this Vinegar solution of calcium salts has another helpful precipitate Flouride out of drinking water!

If that weren't enough check out more uses for your left over egg shells.

Title: Re: Where has all our calcium gone? Remineralize bone the wholefoods way!
Post by: blujay on March 07, 2011, 03:40:50 PM
I have a glut of lemons and egg shells, so what to do...make calcium citrate, the most bio-available (and best tasting) form of calcium!

nutritional profile for eggshell powder:
Per 1/2 teaspoon

Calcium.......... 900.0mg

How to:
2 pints lemon juice, plus 1 lemon
2 quart jars
2 cups dried/crushed eggshells

-When ever you crack an egg, rinse out the shell (get the slimy membrane out) then pop it in the oven (or toaster oven) about 200F for about 15 min. (this dries it out, kills any bacteria, and makes it easier to grind/store) Crumble the cooked eggshells into a bowl/jar for storage.

-Once you collect sufficient amounts of eggshell (about 1-2 cups), lightly toast the shells again in the oven, then grind to as fine as powder as you can (in a coffee grinder or blender).

-take 1 pint of lemon juice (fresh is best) and pour over ground eggshells in a 1 quart jar (it will fizz like mad!) Make sure to mix it well, then let rest over night (12hrs min).

-It will separate, pour off the clear liquid on top into another quart jar.

-Refill the jar with the eggshell powder with another pint of lemon juice, stir well and let sit over night.

-Pour off clear top liquid into jar with the other calcified lemon juice, then filter remaining solids/liquids through a coffee filter to capture remaining liquid.

-Squeeze juice of one lemon into finished solution to preserve, store in fridge.

-To capture remaining minerals in the solids, dehydrate/oven dry the paste (left from the solution) and grind well, then add to cooking or make capsules for ingesting

you will have produced:
-1 quart of Calcium Citrate solution
-approx. 1/4 cup De-calcified egg shell powder (high in magnesium, phosphorous)

Daily dose of liquid: 1 teaspoon (estimated 450mg calcium citrate)

Don't forget to eat the rest of the powder for the other minerals, along with the whole Egg for all the other vital nutrients!

To your health,
Title: Re: Where has all our calcium gone? Remineralize bone the wholefoods way!
Post by: Tara on December 30, 2011, 06:56:10 AM
Now, what if one had a sensitivity to egg, do you find that the shell itself bothers them?
Title: Re: Where has all our calcium gone? Remineralize bone the wholefoods way!
Post by: blujay on January 15, 2012, 09:30:09 PM
I've not got any feed back from egg sensitive clients about it...I imagine that if there is an allergy concern that I would go easy and see if there is any irritation.

That said, unless there is a severe allergy to egg proteins then I think it should be fine, the lemon extracted minerals usually leave the protein behind. (included in the sediment on the bottom of the container after settling).

Looks like you are skilled with fermentation...try adding this slightly acidic extract in your post fermented items in desired dosage for your clients and see what they think. your quote!
Title: Re: Where has all our calcium gone? Remineralize bone the wholefoods way!
Post by: Tara on January 29, 2012, 06:11:33 PM
Thank you for your reply.  That is interesting. I am going to print it out and try it. I have been storing all my egg shells in the freezer for some time now as I typically put them in the bone stocks that I make.  This is good to have something else to use them for.  I imagine the nutritional quality is not destroyed by freezing them? Thanks again! Tara
Title: Re: Where has all our calcium gone? Remineralize bone the wholefoods way!
Post by: blujay on January 30, 2012, 06:01:59 PM
no problem...I also found that they recommend its not necessary to supplement ones diet with added calcium supplements if you are consuming bone broths on a consistent basis. Makes sense, because you are leaching out the calcium and other minerals from the bones, then the collagen in the broth also helps the uptake of minerals, including all the wonderful fat from them also...

So this egg shell technique would be more appropriate for vegetarians or special patients needing supplementation.

It is also good for your plants and pets! add the powder to your pets food or ph neutral extract to your plant water for some of their mineral needs too! 

To save your precious freezer space, I just rinse and lightly toast the shells in the oven and  crush them into a container to keep them indefinitely, till I need to use them..

Who knew eggshells could be so much fun!

Title: Re: Where has all our calcium gone? Remineralize bone the wholefoods way!
Post by: janellec507 on February 20, 2012, 05:39:41 PM
as far as recipes for concentrated calcium and mineral sources, so far i have seen bone broths for meat eaters, egg powder/vinaigrette for ovo-vegetarians. what might i suggest to vegans as a mineral-rich recipe, other than just greens, etc??
Title: Re: Where has all our calcium gone? Remineralize bone the wholefoods way!
Post by: Marlina E on March 05, 2012, 04:06:49 PM
Definitely seaweed!
Title: Re: Where has all our calcium gone? Remineralize bone the wholefoods way!
Post by: blujay on March 10, 2012, 05:18:15 PM
I've done a delicious hummus that is exceptionally mineral rich. It includes the mineral rich foods like sesame seeds, mushrooms, seaweed, garbanzo beans, miso...

To ensure the bioavailability of the minerals in the beans/seeds, sprout them first.

Humus Hummus
est 1 quart

2 cups dried garbanzo, sprouted and cooked in broth (or other beans, prepared the same)

1 cup black sesame seeds, sprouted (or unhulled blond sesame seeds)
2 cups broth (bone broth with eggshells, or veggies for vegan, including lots of veggies and seaweed)
1 cup olive oil

3 cloves garlic
2 cups mushrooms, braise with stock (shiitaki are the best flavor, but any work)
1 cup mixed seaweed, cold soaked, drained (try nori, wakami, seapalm, dulse, hijiki or your fav.)
2 T dark miso
1 T garam masala
1 t each, toasted cumin, coriander seeds
Black pepper/sea salt to taste
Smoked paprika to taste
1 T honey, or to taste
2 T balsamic vinegar (or to taste)

prepare beans, cook till tender, drain and cool. In a blender puree sesame seeds with broth and oil till smooth. Blend the beans with the remaining ingredients in a cuisinart while adding the sesame puree, and season to taste with the spices and vinegar.